Mission 01 - Feral Man



MISSION 01 - Feral Man


Objective: Find water


 After the fairly long introductory movie, Max will drop down a ledge and you'll finally gain control of the slightly vexed Maximilian himself. Did anyone else notice the rather awkward spiked codpiece the bandit leader was wearing? Is he planning to thrust his enemies to death? Anyway, you'll find Max is pretty drained after lobotomizing Scrotus... Yeah. Scrotus. So it looks like our first task is to find some water.



Movement/ Camera controls:


LS - Move
RS - Look (Control camera)
LT - Jump (Lamest jump I've seen for a while. Max would be hard pressed to jump over a shoe-box)
RT - Sprint (Becomes available shortly)


Jog your way down the narrow defile, getting used to Max's movement and the strafe speed of the camera (in preparation for aiming later). At the end of the short stifling walls, you will emerge onto a large ledge overlooking a massive drop. Follow the dirt path towards the green objective marker on screen. Nearby you'll reach a rusted ship which the marker is pointing to.



At the bow of the ship, you'll find a circular dish used to collect dew. Hold A (Xbox)/ X (PS) to fill your canteen with as much water as you can. Water in this game acts like a healing potion, restoring Max's health as he drinks it. Water collectors can be found scattered around the world map, and are a useful way of replenishing a wounded Max.


Objective: Drink from the canteen


Once you've drained the collector into the canteen, press up on the D-pad to drink the water down. Now that Max isn't on the verge of death, we can get back to more important things.



Objective: Find the dog


Walk off the rusting vessel and down the sloped path towards your new objective marker. You'll hear a sudden clang and a whimper from your four legged friend, so sally forth to its rescue! A scene will begin introducing you to one of the other main characters in the game. Chumbucket.


Objective: Speak with Chumbucket


Afterwards, you'll be standing a short distance away from where Chumbucket is standing. Stroll over and hold down the A/ X button to talk to the strange fellow (the bells... the bells). Apparently he needs some wire for his buggy. Guess at least we know what to look for.



Objective: Find wire for Chum's buggy


After the brief scene ends, you'll be facing towards a dusty trail with the objective marker straight ahead. Jog up the path and the game will inform you that you can now sprint (RT). Praise be we can move slightly faster. You'll see a narrow gap between the rocks ahead that Max can squeeze through.


On the other side you'll find the body of a fallen bandit on the floor of the cave. Approach the corpse and hold down A/ X close to it to loot it for supplies. You should obtain a couple of shotgun shells, always handy. Make sure to search any corpse with an icon above it from this point onward for loot. Just ahead is a ledge with a couple of yellow bars running across it. These show where Max can climb up by holding A/ X.



Emerge from the other side of the cave to see one of Scrotus' War Boys pushing someone off a cliff. You can do the same to him if you wish by rushing up and attacking him before he moves too far away (Ah, irony).


Combat controls:


X / Square - Melee attack (can be held for a heavier strike. Repeated melee attacks can create chains for extra damage and finishing moves)
Y / Triangle - Counter
RB - Evade

LB - Aim Shotgun manually
LB + B / Circle - Aim shotgun manually and fire
B - Quick fire shotgun (useful in close combat)


Follow the path around to the left and you'll find three more war boys scavenging a campsite. Use your new melee skills (I'd advise saving your shotgun ammo for armed enemies later) to beat them down, Although it is always funny to blast a charging enemy point blank with a shotgun, watching them rag-doll away. Anyone who has played any Batman (Arkham series) games recently will be all over the combat like lasers at a nightclub.



For those that haven't the most important thing about early melee combat is using counters. These provide two benefits, they stop an attack and deal a small amount of damage to the attacker. They interrupt the attacker allowing you to retaliate. They also protect your combo count, but that is more important later. A prompt will appear over enemies heads showing you when to counter their attacks. One difference here compared to Batman (Arkham series) is the shrinking circle around the icon, showing the timing for a "perfect counter" which deals additional damage.


After the first group of three hit the dirt, another two will rush in from the nearby scenery. Continue your melee massacre of people without tans (despite the fact that they don't wear shirts) until the area is clear of enemies. Once the area is clear, explore the small camp while avoiding the objective marker.



You should find two glowing pieces of scrap here (one in the small tent to the right of the objective marker. The other opposite it on top of a shipping container you can climb up. Scrap acts as the currency for upgrading everything in this game. So the more you grab, the easier life will be in the wasteland. Pick up the wires from the wrecked truck when you are ready to move on.


Objective: Return the wire to Chum


From where you are, you'll need to backtrack the way you came. Return to the cave you passed through earlier. On the way you'll see a strange figure who mutters something and then vanishes. Mysterious. Pass through the far side of the cave to return back to the area where Chum is waiting for his wire.


Objective: Follow Chum to his buggy


After the scene ends, you'll be hauling dog. Trail after Chumbucket as he opens a door, which leads to the buggy. Wheels, at last.



Objective: Put the dog in the back of the buggy


Walk up to the back of the buggy and interact with it to secure your canine companion.


Objective: Drive to the lookout point


Get in the car by holding Y / Triangle and you'll be behind the wheel for the first time (officially anyway).


Car controls:


RT - Accelerate
LT - Brake/ Reverse
LS - Steer


Follow the path leading through the pass to arrive at the lookout at the end.



Objective: Follow Chum to the lookout point


When you get there, Chum will hop out of the car and begin loping off up the hill. Hold Y/ Triangle to get out of the buggy and follow him to the top of the cliff. After a scene plays out, your first mission will be over. Welcome to the world of Mad Max.


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