Mission 03 - Righteous Work



MISSION 03 - Righteous Work

Location: Chum's hideout


Objective: Collect the scrap


Simply look around you and pick it up. There are five pieces in total, all within a couple of meters of the car. Once you have it all, there's still one part you need.


Objective: Collect the jag tip


Apparently Chumbucket keeps it in his bed for... safekeeping. Nope, not gonna go there. Run across the floor of the hideout towards the marker to find Chumbucket's bed on a platform above. In front of the platform you can also find a water collector if you need to stock up on your H2O quotient. Climb the stairs and grab the jag tip (hope Max has some rubber gloves), return to Chumbucket and speak with him.


You'll be taken to the car upgrade screen. This shows all the possibilities for your rolling death machine. To start with, select the harpoon tab and buy the base harpoon. Follow this up with the tussle bar from the ramming grill tab. Now that the Magnum Opus is powered up a bit more, you can bring the fight to the war boys.



Objective: Destroy the scarecrows


Once outside the hideout, you'll see three markers nearby. These metal and flesh towers are used to scare people into submission. Not so for Max. Two of the scarecrows can be brought down by ramming. The final one requires you to use the harpoon (select weapon with D-pad, then aim with LB and fire with B/ Circle. Once hooked on, reverse until you hear smashing).


Objective: Scout the camp from the lookout point


Drive up the marked trail to the top of the hill and when Max pull out his binoculars, point them at each circular icon in turn (three in total). After analyzing the camp's defenses, it's go time.



Objective: Eliminate the sniper


This one is kinda funny. Drive up close to the base of the sniper tower in front of the camp, then aim your harpoon at the sniper and fire. No more sniper.


Objective: Disable the flame pipe at the gate


Another simple to thwart defense. Roll up in front of the flames, aim the harpoon at the gas container above and to the right of the gate. Fire the harpoon and then throw the Magnum Opus into reverse to wrench the fuel supply away from the defense mechanism, making it useless.



Objective: Enter the camp


Leave car. Walk into now open camp. What more need be said?


Objective: Eliminate the War Crier


You'll see as you round the pile of stones at the entrance, the War Crier dangling in a chair above. The lever to kill him is immediately to your left. If you are quick enough, you can dispose of him before engaging the group of five war boys by holding A/ X next to it and smashing it to bits. Or you can shoot him.


If you don't manage it, he will buff the war boys during the battle, making them deal more damage and attack slightly faster (which means your job is more difficult). The lines he says after you beat up all his minions can be kinda funny. Either way, take down the group of war boys and drop the War Crier to the ground to move on.



Objective: Destroy the oil pump


You'll find a shipping container to the right of where the War Crier was with a piece of scrap inside. Move towards the back of this small area to spot a yellow mesh door at the back. Look to the right next to a rusted car body to find some more scrap  and a relic before kicking the door down.


Walk through the broken door and turn right to see a war boy with a shiv on top of a shipping container, flanked by a couple of his unarmed mates. Remember to evade if you see the red warning lights over his head. If the fight goes on too long or you move past the shipping container, a sandstorm will whip up making the rest of the fight more troublesome. Once the trio are down, grab the shiv, check the corner of this section (past the shipping container) for some scrap and climb up the ladder on the side of the shipping container where the shiv waving war boy stood before.



Climb up the second ladder to get some relief from the raging storm. Directly in front of you as you step off the ladder is an insignia to destroy (can be done by holding A/ X or with a shotgun blast). In a corner to the left of the insignia is a water collection device that you may need at this point. Top up as usual. Look in the small area behind the wall the insignia was on to find some scrap.


Now that you have everything in this room, leave through the other door to find a rickety bridge you can cross. On the far side, turn left and then round the corner to the right to find a door into the building. Inside you'll find two ladders, one leading up and the other down. Take the ladder up first and walk out the door on the upper level. Turning left, you'll spot some ammo and scrap on the floor here.



Clamber back down and take the ladder leading down this time. Take the solitary path leading off in front of you. You'll get a quick glimpse of the mysterious man as you move forward. Descend the ladder ahead and round the corner to find a path split. Before doing anything, grab the scrap from the corner. Take the path to the left first. This will lead you down another ladder to a pool of oil. You'll likely spot some ammo to grab just before the pool. On the opposite side you'll see an insignia to destroy with a shotgun blast (wasn't that ammo useful?).


On the wall to the right of this insignia is a piece of scrap to collect. Return the way you came and take the other path to find a ladder leading up. At the next corner, you'll trigger a scene with the mysterious man. Continue along the path until you find another ladder to climb that will bring you out on the highest level of the camp. The oil pump is directly in front of you, but you're going to have to clear the area of war boys first.



Max's fury meter will be introduced here, which increases his damage and changes his melee animations when active. You'll be taking on seven unarmed war boys here at once, so take advantage of your new skill to bring the pain. When the battle ends, head to the right when facing the ladder you climbed up to find a climbable ledge with a piece of scrap in the hut above.


Circle round behind the oil pump to find another piece of scrap to grab. After that, return to the front of the oil pump and head left to a fenced enclosure that holds a gas can. Pick it up and walk it over to the base of the pump before igniting it. After the explosion is over, turn away from the pump and head for the ladder leading up in the corner. Looking left of the ladder at the metal fence/ wall, you'll see an insignia. Climb up the ladder. Before crossing the zip-line, look behind the wall for yet another bit of scrap.



Objective: Return to the Magnum Opus


Zoom down the zip-line to arrive back at the front entrance of the camp where Chumbucket and the Magnum Opus are waiting for you. Scene.



Objective: Meet up with the mysterious wastelander


Max seems to want to meet the strange man. Leave the camp and follow the marked road up to the top of a hill. Chumbucket will hand over a flare when you arrive, allowing you to summon him if you get separated. Stride up to the top of the hill and meet with Griffa, Max's therapist. Well, maybe not. Griffa acts as an mentor for Max, allowing him to upgrade his capabilities by spending medals earned from completing challenges.


I would say pick up at least the health upgrade and the increased scrap one as well. The others are all completely up to you. Find yourself running low on health often? Get the water upgrade, allowing you to find more water and thus heal more health. Running out of ammo? Get the ammo scavenger upgrade. It's really up to you. But increased maximum health and more scrap are always useful.



Objective: Return to the Magnum Opus


After getting to your feet after your meeting with Griffa, return to where the Magnum Opus was. Not to worry, press right on the D-pad to fire off a flare, calling Chumbucket and the Opus back to you.


Objective: Use the garage to install the dual nitro boost


Once you are reunited, press start to bring up the garage menu (you don't have to actually be at a garage to upgrade the car). Select the nitro tab and buy the dual nitro boost.



Objective: Test out the nitro boost


Follow the green objective path until you reach a ramp with a marker on it. You need to hit this ramp at speed and fire off the nitro a second or so before you hit it. Too early or late and the jump won't count.


Objective: Defeat the spotters


Now that you have nitro, you can keep up with some of the faster enemy cars (namely spotters). Follow the markers and engage the waiting spotter vehicles, smashing into them or ramming them to deal damage. Once they are gone, the mission is over.



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