Mission 06 - A Piece Tougher



MISSION 06 - A Piece Tougher

Location: Gutgash's stronghold



Dismantle a camp in Gutgash's territory 0/1
Reach the day lizard legend rank


Note: You will want to have powered up the harpoon (to level 3+ if possible) and/ or stocked up on shotgun ammo to engage the convoy in this mission.


Objective: Exit Gutgash's stronghold


After finding out about the talon tip and Dim Rim from Gutgash, clatter back downstairs and leave the stronghold.



Objective: Find Dim Rim's convoy


As you leave the stronghold, a brief chat with Chumbucket will ensue and shortly afterwards a green line will snake away on the map leading to Dim Rim's convoy trail. You'll cross a fair bit of terrain before reaching it, but when you do, start following the convoy trail until you see the dust cloud ahead. When you catch up with the convoy,


Objective: Destroy Dim Rim's convoy truck


You'll see an unarmored truck ahead of two or three other armoured vehicles. You'll need to take out at least a couple of the escorting vehicles to have enough breathing room to take on Dim Rim's truck.



Use your harpoon to wrench off doors and shoot the drivers of the armoured cars and blast away at fuel caps and tires with your shotgun while it reloads. If you have upgraded your car significantly, you can basically just ram everything until it explodes (especially if you maxed out grinder wheels or have a level 3 harpoon to slam into enemies from behind).


When the only remaining thing on the road beside yourself is the truck, approach it carefully and rip off one of the doors (blasting the tank on the back acts as a speed boost for the enemy and makes a dangerous trail of fire shoot out of the back, so avoid triggering this if you can). When the door is gone, harpoon the driver to bring the truck to a halt. A quick explosion (either by detonating a jerry can or shooting the red tank on the back) will dislodge the hood ornament with the Talon on it. Pick it up to finish off this rather short story mission.



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