Mission 07 - Black Magic



MISSION 07 - Black Magic

Location: Jeet's Stronghold



Dismantle a camp in Jeet's territory
Build the dog and buggy project in Jeet's stronghold


Objective: Install the Thunderpoon


Wow, what a name. Surprisingly, Jeet will just hand over the finished Thunderpoon and leave you to hook it up to your ride. The install costs no scrap, so you should at least be able to put in the first level. I would recommend getting at least level 2 if you can to increase the reload speed, making it a much more dangerous weapon for assaulting convoys and destroying vehicles.



Objective: Exit Jeet's Stronghold


When your new best friend is installed, hop in the car and leave the stronghold to once again do some target practice.


Objective: Test out the Thunderpoon


Except this time you are doing it with a missile launcher called the Thunderpoon (can't get over the name *sniggers*, It's almost as bad as Medal of Honor: Warfighter). Take out the tantalizing terra cotta coloured targets on the piles of junk. 



Objective: Drive into Dead Barrens Pass


After the explosive show ends, your objective will change and point you towards Dead Barrens Pass. When you arrive, you'll roll up to a strong metal gate. However, it is no match for your Thunderpoon. A couple of quick shots and the gate will shatter, leaving the path ahead open to you. Roll through the gate to find enemy artillery waiting for you beyond.


Objective: Destroy the thunderstick launchers


Thunderstick launchers (if you haven't encountered them before now) are stationary pillars/ posts that fire down thundersticks in a circular area around them. When a thunderstick is incoming, a warning red circle will appear on the ground a second or two before it lands, giving you time to get out of the way. These towers can be taken down easily with the thunderpoon or with a sufficiently upgraded harpoon.



Drive around the area, targeting and bringing down the three thunderstick launchers, while slamming into and destroying the vehicles attempting to stop you (or just blast them with the thunderpoon if you've upgraded it's capacity enough with Max's ammo belt upgrades). Be careful to avoid taking thunderstick hits as they can deal significant damage to your car, even destroying it in one hit if it isn't upgraded enough.


Objective: Destroy the hinges on the Jaw


As soon as the final tower falls, new markers will appear on the massive gate known as the Jaw. You need to fire a thunderpoon shot at each of the two marked hinges. However this may be difficult due to the snipers and masses of enemies waiting to ambush you as you draw near. Quickly harpoon the snipers or shoot the pile of red barrels next to them and then get out of your car and engage the group in melee (or any method you prefer) to clear the area in front of the Jaw.



Once the swarm of enemies is no more, you can line up your shots and blast the hinges to kingdom come. Once the hinges are gone, you will need to fire a harpoon at the gate and wrench it open using your car. As soon as the gate is down the mission will conclude and Pink Eye's territory lays open before you.


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