Mission 08 - Smoke Rises



MISSION 08 - Smoke Rises

Location: Pink Eye's Stronghold


After opening up passage through the Jaw in Mission 07 - Black Magic, you should now be able to reach Pink Eye's stronghold to the North-West of the Jaw. When you reach the outskirts of the area, a scene will take over, showing you that Stank Gum's raiders have already beaten you here. After the scene ends, the mission itself will begin.


Objective: Eliminate Stank Gum's Legion


Five vehicles of Stank Gum's forces will be swarming around the base of the tower. You can deal with things quickly with the thunderpoon (a single shot blasting them to bits), or you can use the trusty harpoon and ramming to get the same result if you want to conserve your thunderpoon shots (although you should be able to restock for free at Jeet's stronghold by now, so there's no real reason to). Tear through the final vehicle to dispose of the first wave of attacking forces, it's time to repeat the process on the artillery bombarding the place next.



Objective: Destroy the catapults


Approach the rear of one of the three catapults in the area, you'll see a rectangular plate on the back that you can rip off with the harpoon. When you do, the red canisters inside will be visible. Keep in mind that you may be confronted with more of Stank Gum's ground forces when you get close to a catapult.


Dispose of them with harpoon or fists if they appear, then quickly fire off a shotgun shell into the mess of flammable liquids at the rear to blow the catapult sky-high. You could use the thunderpoon as well if you are out of shotgun shells. Give the remaining two catapults in the area the same treatment to destroy the forces outside the stronghold.



Objective: Reach the stronghold


Heading for the marked location to the South of the stronghold will lead you to an entrance you can pass through on foot. Unfortunately you're going to need to leave the Magnum Opus behind. You'll likely be interrupted by a lone warrior with a shiv from Stank Gum's ranks. Take the time to discipline him thoroughly with your fists.


When the path is clear, descend the small staircase into the underground tunnel. Pass through the first room as there's nothing of interest and into the second to find some ammo in the corner to the left. Take the doorway next to the ammo to follow a short corridor with a wheel you can turn at the end to disable a flame barrier in another room.



Backtrack to the room where you picked up the ammo and enter the door on the opposite wall. This will take you to the second wheel which clears all the flames from your path forward (these defense designers really suck. Are they trying to stop themselves getting out?).


Return to the ammo room yet again and head through the door with still cooling embers on the ground surrounding it. You'll spot a group of Stank Gun's men looting corpses in the room ahead. However, there are only four to deal with (one with a weapon), so they shouldn't pose much of a threat as you slam them into walls and break their bones. On the wall of this room you'll find a piece of scrap, with another bit of scrap sitting under the stairs leading upwards.



Climb up the stairs and you'll emerge from the tunnels at the outer area of the stronghold. Follow the linear Z shaped path until you spot a yellow ladder leading upward in front of you. Clamber up it and move a little along the walkway above to see some scrap in an enclosed area to the right opposite the rack of thundersticks.


When you have the loot, pick up a thunderstick from the rack and throw it at the red canister next to the wheel locking the raised bridge in place. This should take care of the enemy on the other side and lower the bridge in one fell swoop (or boom anyway).



Crossing the bridge will run you into more of Stank Gum's men. Five of them to be exact. Particularly vindictive players should backtrack across the bridge for another thunderstick to end their resistance rather drastically. Less vicious players can just beat the group down with their fists.


After dealing with the enemy group, head left from the bridge to find some scrap hanging up in a small room (next to a yellow ladder leading upwards). Don't head up the ladder afterwards, instead circle around behind the small room to find more scrap and another yellow ladder you can climb up.



Clatter up another ladder on the level above to reach a water collection point to top up your canteen. Look for a half closed roller door in the wall to the left with some scrap on a small balcony beyond. After that, enter the other small gap and follow the railed balcony around and along the linear path until a scene takes over.


Objective: Defeat Stank Gum's fighters


As the scene finishes up, you'll be on the receiving end of a group rush. There will be five regular enemies and a shiv wielding one. Make sure to focus on disarming the shiv user first as his unblockable flails can be difficult to avoid, as well as potentially lethal. Despite this, you should be well prepared for this fight, having just topped up at the water collection point. Bring them the smackdown to trigger a lengthy scene and afterwards finish the mission.



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