Mission 12 - The Big Chief



MISSION 12 - The Big Chief

Location: Gastown



Build 2 projects in Deep Friah's stronghold
Complete 3 wasteland missions


Note: The remaining four scrap locations for the Underbelly area can be found in Wasteland Mission 09 - Where There Is Smoke (it opens up another area in the Underbelly)


Back in Gastown after getting patched up (if you meet the requirements), you'll see the story marker down a narrow alley leading off from the open main area. This area (the Underbelly) is formed from the winding back alleys of Gastown. Follow the only path down several sets of stairs until you round a corner and see a small set of stairs leading up to the right which leads further down to where the story mission begins, while the other path continues straight ahead to the Doctor that patched you up earlier.


Follow the path to the right and head down the pipe leading deeper into the area. At the bottom, you'll turn left and see some scrap on the wall just ahead for you to take. On the wall a few steps further on is some more scrap to grab on the floor. Turn around from this dead end and take the path to your right (not the one leading down). You'll spot some more scrap on a shelf on the left hand side of the tunnel next to a guy kneeling, with even more scrap a few meters on in a wooden box.



Return along this corridor when you have everything and take the path downwards that you bypassed earlier. Stroll past the men mining and the pair of children sitting above them to enter the doorway beyond. A short jog along the walkway will lead you to Hope who is fiddling with a door handle. Walk past her for now and follow the tunnel along. Immediately after the next corner, you''ll see a relic on a table in front of you.


After you've picked it up, turn to look at the area behind you. You'll see yellow paint near a gap between two shipping containers. Squeeze through and follow the short path to discover some scrap hidden behind a pipe at the far end. Retrace your steps back to the waiting concubine and talk to her to begin the mission.



Objective: Reach Stank Gum's garage


You'll immediately come to a T-intersection. Take the left path first, as it moves between some metal containers. You'll find some scrap in a wooden box on your right. Backtrack to the intersection and take the right path this time instead. Follow the tunnel along for a bit until you run into a group of two war pups and two war boys. As a couple of these guys go down, an additional mashpup will join the fray.


There are two ways you can choose to move on from here when you are done, a ladder leading upwards and a narrow path leading off nearby. The choice is an illusion as both meet at the same location shortly. The ladder leads to a vantage point and little else. However, taking the narrow path will net you some scrap from the left wall. Just past that is a small pool of liquid. You'll see a set of steps leading up out of it with a pipe crossing the top of them. This pipe is low enough that you can jump over it.



On the other side you'll find a relic to grab and a fresh collection of maggots to replenish some health if you need it. Hop back over the pipe and take the corridor leading to more waiting enemies. Amongst this group are a pair of ferals which can make life tough for you with their leaping attacks. If you get the chance, counter them and take the time to immediately finish them off with a couple of strikes as they have low amounts of health and are much more annoying than regular enemies thanks to their occasional unblockable flip attacks.


The remainder of the group consists of five or six mashpups and a war dog amongst them. Use you fury attacks  to quickly end the mashpups, while breaking the war dog's guard with heavy strikes. Spend a shiv or two if you need to quickly dispatch anyone (such as the war dog). When the fight is over, you'll spot a rather obvious doorway nearby, walk through to see a jerry can of fuel on the ground to your left.



Objective: Find the Big Chief engine


Pick up the jerry can and walk across the large puddle to where the marker is sitting on a locked doorway. Hmm, what to do. What to do. Boom. After knocking with extreme prejudice, enter the tunnel beyond and kick down the next door you find. In the back corner of this room is a water collection point you can use to replenish yourself before rolling on. Climb the stairs next to it and walk through the opening to trigger a scene.


Objective: Defeat Stank Gum's fighters


When you regain control, you'll be facing off against seven war boys and a jabber boy wielding a shiv. Hopefully by now you are pretty experienced with the whole group combat thing and can simply open a can of whup-ass on them. If you're having trouble, use your shotgun as this is the last on foot fight of this mission. Remember to turn on your flashlight - D-pad left if the area is too dark for you (even with max brightness I was struggling to see at times).



Objective: Lower Stank Gum's car

Objective: Refuel the generator


If you attempt to operate the car lift, you'll discover there is no gas in the thing. This means you have to find some. Where, you ask? Look at the walls of the room to spot a yellow ladder next to an orange light on the wall. This linear path leads up to a lone jerry can on a ledge near the roof that you need to collect and bring back to fill the lift up. When the thing is topped up, flip the switch to lower the car.


Objective: Drive to Deep Friah's temple


Clamber inside the beast and floor that accelerator towards the tunnel at the back of the garage. As you emerge into daylight, you'll be in a waterway, with some of Stank Gum's men starting to chase you as you emerge. The game will flash up instructions for using the vehicle's weapons, but seriously: all you need is the slam move (LS + X/ Square) to demolish any enemy car in a single hit.



Follow the marked path, remaining on the move at all times (or else you will get swarmed and clustered to death by Stank Gum's forces). When you eventually roll into Deep Friah's temple, a scene will trigger and the Big Chief is finally yours.


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