Mission 14 - All Is Lost Forever



MISSION 14 - All Is Lost Forever

Location: Chum's hideout


After getting a replacement set of wheels from Deep Friah, you'll want to find Chumbucket to get the Magnum Opus back as fast as you can (as you no longer have access to it or the other cars in your garage). Fast travel to Jeet's stronghold or a vantage point and drive Southwards towards Chum's hideout (you won't be able to fast travel directly there).


All the way, Max will berate himself about trusting Chumbucket. Drive inside the hideout when you reach the entrance. Inside the hideout, get out of the car and pass through the open door in front of you. In the room ahead against the wall is the Magnum Opus. As you get close a scene will trigger, starting the mission.



Objective: Defeat Stank Gum (Spoilers, highlight to reveal)


Yep, turns out he's not yet dead. He moves and fights in a similar fashion to Tenderloin (your now deceased fighter), but is overall much easier to deal with. Unlike tenderloin, he can occasionally be hit by regular attacks (not only after successful counters), meaning you should be swinging at him most of the time when he has no reinforcements around. Yeah, there will be reinforcements by the way.


A couple of his close range attacks are unblockable, during the first he crouches down slightly and leans backwards before slashing his blades towards you. For the second one he raises one hand up to the side of his face and then spins around several times, slashing in a large circle. Dodge roll or simply move out of the way to avoid taking damage. The only close range attack that is counterable is when he holds out one of his knives behind him for a second, then swipes toward you. Counter this if you can and then bring the pain.



He has a mid range lunge attack, where he takes a couple of steps back and then leaps forwards (this can be countered while he is in the air). Now that you know his move-set it's time to talk about the reinforcements. At certain health intervals (75%, 50% and 25%) he will summon his troops. They are fairly tame and easy to bring down (being mashpups), the only real concern is watching the boss while you are dealing with them.


Objective: Drive to Deep Friah's temple


Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Come back from the dead after that! When you're back in the Magnum Opus rolling away from Chumbucket's hideout, You'll have a long drive ahead of you, as you have to make it all the way to Deep Friah's temple in the North. Listen to the one sided conversation as you cross the wastes and eventually you'll arrive for a scene. After those rather dramatic events, the mission will end on a cliff face with a seriously vexed Max.



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