Mission 15 - Paint My Name In Blood



MISSION 15 - Paint My Name In Blood

Location: Gastown


Ready for the finale folks? Yes, this is the final mission of the game and Max's final showdown with Lord scabby bollocks, er... I mean Scaborous Scrotus (not that the second sounds much better). Keep in mind that this is the final major boss battle, and that you will be performing every type of car combat in it (car-to-car, on foot vs car) so make sure that Max and the Magnum Opus are as upgraded as possible before beginning this mission.


When you are prepared, roll into Gastown and jump out of the Magnum Opus. You'll see the story marker behind the main buildings in the direction of the Underbelly. Your destination is the Doctor's office you were patched up in at an earlier point in the story. When you interact with the office door, the final mission begins.



Objective: Eliminate Scrotus' escort


When the long scene ends, you'll be thundering across the dusty wastes behind Scrotus and his followers. There will be a total of seven cars in the initial escort (plus Scrotus' land mover), four unarmoured, two with level 1 armour and one level 2 armour vehicle. By now, you should have decent grinding rims, a stocked up thunderpoon launcher and enough armour to survive the hurly burly smashing between vehicles, so go aggressive and start taking out the supporting vehicles.


Use the thunderpoons on the armoured vehicles to bring their health down low enough for a side slam finisher from your Magnum Opus. You should be quite experienced at car combat by this point in the game, so use your usual strategy for dealing with enemy vehicles (some players use the harpoon slingshot, others just burn through their thunderpoons and others grind and slam other cars). Keep in mind that this is the final confrontation in the game where you will fire thunderpoons, so feel free to use them without restraint.



Objective: Destroy the land mover


When you've thinned out the flanking cars (there's only two or less remaining), use your nitrous to catch up with the land mover at the front. The idea for damaging this vehicle is to use the harpoon to wrench off the armour panels on the side and then use a thunderpoon or shotgun blast to detonate the fuel tanks underneath. Repeat this on the opposite side of the vehicle to trigger a scene. The only issue is more escort vehicles will appear while you are trying to pull this off, making your life more difficult.


Objective: Ram the land mover


When you regain control after the scene, slam your foot down on the accelerator and speed towards the teetering machine (isn't that a candidate for most awesome screenshot). Chumbucket will be going all 'Gollum' on you, but keep speeding forward until a scene interrupts you.



Objective: Defeat Scrotus


And the final confrontation with Scrotus begins. It's actually a lot easier than it first appears. Scrotus will be rolling around on top of the Black on Black, meaning you can't attack him directly. The good news is that several thundersticks are lying on the ground around you. The idea here is to wait until Scrotus is driving straight towards you, then throw a thunderstick at his car and roll out of the way with RB. Simple right? Well, if not, prepare to wipe pieces of yourself off the Black on Black's grille.


Nail Scaborous Scrotus with two thundersticks to begin the final cut-scene of the game. Congratulations, you've tamed the world of Mad Max. However, your explorations of the wasteland is just beginning. There are still wasteland missions and removing the threat of Scaborous' legions ahead. When the credits end, you'll get some very nice rewards for all your hard work.



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