WM01 - Dinki-Di




Location: Jeet's stronghold - Chumbucket

Reward: Chumbucket's Buggy (and Dog) project becomes available - Building this project allows you to find and disarm mine fields, lowering area threat.


Any time after starting Mission 05 - A Wasteland Classic, you can interact with Chumbucket, who has an exclamation mark with a blue background over his head to begin this wasteland mission. When you talk to Chumbucket, he believes that Dinki-Di the dog would have taken shelter during Stank Gum's attack earlier in the story. So Max will need to travel back to Chumbucket's old workshop to see if this is the case.


Objective: Drive to Chum's hideout


Fast travel to Jeet's stronghold or a closer vantage point to begin your trip back to Chum's old tabernacle (as you won't be able to fast travel there after the attack). Round the ship wreckage and roll through the front entrance.



Objective: Put the dog in the back of the buggy


When you step out of the Magnum Opus inside the hideout, you'll see the buggy lit up by the headlights in front of you, with the dog lying on a crate next to it. Walk over to the dog and interact with it to carry it like you did early in the story. Trot over to the back of the buggy and place the dog inside.


Objective: Drive Chum's buggy to Jeet's stronghold


This is the only possibly tricky part of this mission, as you will not be able to fast-travel back to the stronghold. Depending on the enemy resistance you encounter, this can be a cakewalk or a drive from hell. You have no nitrous, harpoon or even much of an engine. Your only methods of dealing with enemies you encounter is to side slam them or to use Max's shotgun to pepper them with shells. Hopefully you have an easy run and are able to get the buggy back safely,



Objective: Build the Dog and Buggy project


When you arrive at the stronghold, you will unlock the Dog and Buggy project. To build it, simply walk over to the blue outline on the ground just to the right in front of the Magnum Opus and interact with it to start building. When the project construction is complete, so is the wasteland mission.



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