WM03 - Ashes To Ashes




Location: Jeet's stronghold - Jeet

Reward: Armory project becomes available at Gutgash's stronghold


Note: Objectives can be done in any order - They are listed below by East to West (or proximity to Jeet's stronghold)


Objective: Find and mark the first saltpeter source


The first source can be found in the South-East region (Grit Canyons) of Gutgash's territory. Drive from whichever fast-travel point is the closest along the dusty trails until you reach the remains of a burned out battleground with bodies strewn everywhere. Pick up the scrap from underneath the white cloth acting as a tent, then check inside the shipping container behind this for another bit of scrap. Stand where the marker is and fire off your flare to complete the first source objective.



Objective: Find and mark the second saltpeter source


The second saltpeter source can be found in the far South (Parch Moon) edge of Gutgash's territory. Trundle into the wastes and drive until you get close to the marker for the second source. When you get close, you'll see fires ahead and enemy vehicles. Six enemies from Scrotus' faction (five war pups and a pair of mashpups - one with a weapon) will face off against you when you get close.


You can have fun with your harpoon here, or just get out of the Magnum Opus and handle them the old fashioned way. When the dust has settled (unless a sandstorm comes up), loot the area of loose scrap (there is a bit lying about from the wrecked cars), before standing on the marker and firing your flare.



Objective: Find and mark the sulfuric vent


The sulfuric vent is located in the far South-West corner of Gutgash's territory. You'll need to be wary getting near to this one as three sniper towers will be close to the marker area (if you haven't already destroyed them), making sending up the flare difficult. Run splashing out into the yellow pools surrounding the marker and fire off the flare when you're close enough, rolling to avoid the sniper fire. Once the flare is off, you should have all three objectives complete and the mission reward is yours.



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