WM05 - Playing With Fire



WASTELAND MISSION 05 - Playing With Fire

Location: Jeet's stronghold - Jeet

Reward: Armory project in Pink-Eye and Deep Friah's strongholds


Objective: Bring Jeet the fuel truck


After hearing Jeet's plans for expansion, walk back to the Magnum Opus and leave the stronghold. The fuel truck will be a bit to the North of Jeet's stronghold in the Balefire Flatland. The fuel truck is being escorted by at least four vehicles, so be prepared for a fight when you reach the marker. Use your thunderpoon shots liberally to quickly destroy the escort. The biggest danger during this is accidentally blowing up the fuel truck or running into more patrol vehicles during the chase.


Blast after the fuel truck once the escort is no more and use the harpoon to get to the driver, bringing the fuel truck to a safe stop. Now that the fuel truck is stationary, eliminate any remaining nearby threats and then take command of the fuel truck. From here, you need to drive it back to Jeet's stronghold manually (fast-travel won't work for this) to continue on with Jeet's plan.



Objective: Drive the rigged fuel truck to the breach point


Clatter up the stairs inside the stronghold to the upper level and approach the black powder cook you rescued in the Lust For Powder wasteland mission. Interact with him to get started on making the fuel truck more unsafe. When Jeet's crew is done outfitting the fuel truck with even more explosive materials, you'll be outside the stronghold inside the truck. Your destination is the Northernmost point of Jeet's territory, the North edge of the Balefire Flatland.


Depending on chance and your efforts in reducing threat in the region, you may have an easy or bloody difficult time reaching the area intact. Keep in mind that the vehicle will be undetected by Scrotus' troops, but they will see through the disguise if they get too close. You will still be able to use your side slam ability and shotgun as always through to deal with any attacking enemies.



When you get close to the objective, follow the trail and carefully drive the truck into the outlet pipe. Get out of the vehicle and start running in the opposite direction to avoid the upcoming blast. A scene will trigger when you are far enough away and the mission will end, unlocking the armory project in the remaining strongholds.


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