WM06 - Ironclad Faith



WASTELAND MISSION 06 - Ironclad Faith

Location: Gutgash's stronghold - Gutgash

Reward: Fracas frame armour upgrade


Objective: Drive to the Eastern Tunnels


After listening to Gutgash's little speech about steel plate, you'll be tasked with finding some. Jump into the Magnum Opus and leave the stronghold to begin the adventure. The tunnels are located on the far Eastern edge of the Dry Gustie area (Jeet's North-Eastern area), so hopefully you've already lowered the threat in the area a little to make the journey safer. Fast-travel to Jeet's stronghold (or the Dry Gustie vantage point if you have unlocked it) and head for the eastern border of Max's world.


Objective: Unlock the gate from the inside


When you arrive, you'll see two large sewer outlets in a cliff face, covered by metal bars. Chumbucket will point out a gap in the cliff face to the right of the outlets big enough for Max to squeeze through. Use your jimmy bar to open the scrap box in the tunnel on the other side before pressing on. You will emerge into the large sewer pipe after exiting the side tunnel. Turn left and stroll back towards the light/ bars covering the sewers to open the bars from this side.



Objective: Drive into the tunnels


Walk through the tunnels? No sir, not when there's a car available. Hop back in the Magnum Opus and drive it into the newly opened entrance. Follow the sewer tunnel inside and round the first corner to find bars across the path ahead. Turn left here and then carefully drive through the hole in the wall on the right. You will see hanging buzzard explosives in the tunnel ahead so be wary as you advance.


After passing the two buzzard explosives, you'll reach a T-intersection with the left path blocked off. Get out of the Magnum Opus and examine the ground in the right tunnel to spot some scrap next to another hanging buzzard explosive. Remount your trusty steed and trundle further along this right path, You'll enter a water channel that you can follow until you reach a weak roadblock on your left at the end.



Use your harpoon to pull down the wreckage and clear your path. You'll reveal a subway train that you can drive through. Drop down on the other side and then drop down onto the area with railway tracks below. In this lower area, look for a shipping container near the right wall. Behind it is some scrap hanging from a frame. Immediately turn around and look at the base of the train car behind you to see a box you can jimmy open for more scrap.


When you get close to the shipping container at the end of the lower area, four buzzard enemies will appear. These are just regular unarmed enemies, so no reason to panic. Just keep your counters going and you'll burn through them quickly. While still on foot, walk over to the marked shipping container and enter the broken train car to the left of it to find some scrap and food to eat if you need it. Now that you're done, use your jimmy bar to open up the shipping container to open up the path for your Magnum Opus.



As soon as the shipping container doors open, you'll be faced with a shiv wielding buzzard. Roll away from his initial unblockable rush and then attack him and trigger a counter in the short span of time when he dodges to initiate it. Or you could say "that's not a knife. this is a kni...oh, wait it's a shotgun" and shoot him in the face. Ah, been wanting to make that reference for a while. Your call. Either way, the shipping crate is now accessible to the Magnum Opus, so get back in it and drive on through.


Objective: Push the subway car out of the tunnel


A narrow gap awaits on the other side with a hanging buzzard explosive right in the center. You can avoid it, just. But it may be easier just to detonate it and repair the damage. Against the right wall around the next lot of debris is some scrap to grab. Another explosive will be hanging just past this for you to avoid, however this one has more room so you should be fine. Avoid the final buzzard explosive before reaching the marked subway car.



Before doing anything else, get out of the Magnum Opus and enter the subway car against the left wall to find a box you can jimmy open for scrap. Backtrack to the Magnum Opus and start using it to push the intact subway car down the rails. Keep pushing until you get close to the buzzard explosive next to the rails. Stop here and once again get out of the Magnum Opus and enter the subway car nearby to find a box full of scrap.


Get back in the Magnum Opus and follow the rails forward a bit to see a roadblock ahead. Drive the Magnum Opus up and use your harpoon to clear the tracks, being careful not to run into the dangling explosive nearby. Return to the side of the subway car and resume your pushing duties. Continue pushing the car along the tracks until you see another explosive hanging to the left ahead with some scrap behind it for you to grab after jimmying the lid open.



Before doing anything else, walk into the tilted subway car to the left of the scrap box you just looted and at the end, look for an open door to the right you can drop down through onto a ledge where another box of scrap is waiting for you to open up and loot. Once that is done, drop down on the Magnum Opus side and use it and the harpoon to clear the roadblock on the tracks. Once that's done you can start the final stretch of subway car pushing.


Buzzard enemies will start appearing after the roadblock is cleared, but you will still be in the Magnum Opus, so simply use your harpoon to seriously discourage them. Push the car along the rails, keeping an eye on the right wall when you emerge from the tunnel to see the final scrap box lying there against the right rock wall. Now that the place is fully looted, push the subway car off the cliff ahead and follow it down in the Magnum Opus. Eh, she'll be right, mate.



Objective: Mark the location of the subway car


Wander over to the marker after you land (possibly a little dazed) and fire off the flare to signal Gutgash. The mission is complete and the armour upgrade for the Magnum Opus is yours.


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