WM07 - A Sign Of The Gods




Location: Gutgash's stronghold - Gutgash

Reward: Scrap (200)


Objective: Drive to the harbour wall


When you've had your little talk with Gutgash about retrieving an old sign, jump in the Magnum Opus and hit the wasteland. The harbour wall is at the Northern edge of Gutgash's territory in the area known as the Chalkies. Make your way North from the stronghold until you arrive at the marker. Drive up to the base of the marked outflow pipes to trigger a scene, and afterwards a new objective.


Objective: Find the entrance to the stormdrains


Get back in the Magnum Opus and have a look at the map to see where the objective has shifted to. Oh, only a little way to the North. A little detour that requires you to go through the Jaw and all the way round the other side. Awesome. Seriously, half of the video for this mission is just driving. When you get to the ruins marking the entrance to the stormdrains, look for a sheet of metal (weak gate) with red paint on it lying underneath one of the tallest still standing bits of wall around. Use the harpoon to reveal stairs leading down into the stormdrains.



Objective: Reach the sign


Clatter down the stairs into the room below and turn right to pass by a set of metal bars and through a doorway. On your right as you pass through the doorway is some scrap on the ground. Wandering the other end of this short hallway is an unarmed roadkill enemy just waiting for a sneak attack (A/X) or a beatdown. When he's down, follow the corridor until it opens up into a large maintenance tunnel. 


Stick to the upper area along the left wall as you move along it. When you reach the end, note the two yellow paint strips that show places you can climb. Drop down and climb up to the right side of the tunnel to continue forward. Follow the right wall as it curves, looking for a large hole in the wall with some scrap inside. Continue following the wall around and you should encounter another lone roadkill enemy, this time with a weapon.



If he calls out, four or five nearby unarmed enemies will rush into the fray as well, so be ready for them. Otherwise you can take them out separately if they were not alerted. Plus it's hilarious to kick them into the ooze in the middle of the drain. "Argh, gonna kick his he... *splash.*" Doesn't kill them, though. Damn.


When the coast is clear, continue along further into the right tunnel to find an open area at the end with scrap hanging from the wall, scrap in a lockbox in the middle of the room, with more scrap in an open box next to it and a bit of scrap in the water pool at the back with another bit of scrap beside it. We've hit the scrap mother-lode.



Backtrack to the tunnel split when you're done nabbing everything and start moving along it. Another armed roadkill enemy will be waiting just a little way along, hiding around a corner to the left. Isn't it great how nobody but you has a close range firearm in this game? *Bang.* When he is dealt with, drop down into the dry area to the left of where he was standing to find a lockbox with scrap inside. Follow this short tunnel section to the end to spot some more scrap up on a ledge to the right. You can walk up the slope and jump up to it to collect it.


Now backtrack along this ledge and turn left into the final area of the stormdrains. Cross over and hug the right wall to run into another armed roadkill enemy and his unarmed mate (you'll see a water collection point to the left of where they emerge from). Start the usual beatdown and fill your water canteen when you are done. Push further along the right side of the tunnel, and then climb up the small piles of sand at the end. On the ground on the other side of the wall is the final piece of scrap and the sign you've been looking for.



Objective: Open the grating


Use your jimmy bar to snap the padlock off the grating and a brief scene will trigger. Carefully drop down after the sign (you can use the ledges to the right if you want to take it slowly), until you are down with the sign.


Objective: Use the flare gun to mark the location of the sign.


Stand on the sign and fire off the flare gun. Job done and the scrap is yours.



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