WM08 - Beat To Quarters



WASTELAND MISSION 08 - Beat To Quarters

Location: Gutgash's stronghold - Gutgash

Reward: Two-up bump bars ramming grill upgrade


Objective: Stop the convoy attack


And it's onto the final showdown for Gutgash's stronghold. Make sure you are fully stocked on thunderpoons before you start things up, as they will be required in this mission (harpoon and shotgun are too slow). When you're ready to begin, interact with the lookout after talking to Gutgash to hear about the incoming convoy. Gutgash will then equip a new ramming grill upgrade to the Magnum Opus to help you deal with the attackers.


Objective: Stop the first attack


Run down to the Magnum Opus and leave the stronghold to begin the battle. There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. You are on a timer for each incoming convoy wave. If the fuel truck of a wave reaches the stronghold, you fail. The other thing to keep in mind is that the most effective damage methods for time spent are your ramming grill (ramming enemies head on) and your thunderpoon launcher. These allow you to kill enemies fast without dealing slower damage like grinding, ripping off doors with the harpoon, etc. Speed first here.



Race toward the incoming first convoy and ram the lead cars head on before laying into them with thunderpoons. The convoy will consist of two escort vehicles and a fuel truck/ car. You should be traveling back towards the stronghold after them as you go, because another wave of enemies will appear on the far side of the stronghold when you finish with the first lot. Ram them to bits and blast them apart to finish up the wave and spawn the second one.


Objective: Stop the second attack


The second wave will appear immediately after dispatching the first, so ignore any dropped scrap and make a beeline for the incoming convoy. The strategy here will be exactly the same as the first. Unload everything you have left to make sure they do not reach the stronghold (focusing on the fuel truck if you can). Once the final vehicle goes up in smoke, the attacks will end and you will emerge victorious. Yay for explosions!



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