WM09 - Where There Is Smoke



WASTELAND MISSION 09 - Where There Is Smoke

Location: Deep Friah's stronghold - Deep Friah

Reward: Thunderpoon of awe upgrade


Objective: Enter the Underbelly


Approach Deep Friah on his throne of flame to begin the wasteland mission. Deep Friah will entreat you to relight the pilot light for the 'warm embrace' outside his stronghold. To do this, you will need to enter the lowest levels of the Underbelly in Gastown. Get in the Magnum Opus and drive or fast-travel to Gastown to make your way into the Underbelly.


Follow the marker down into the alleys leading deeper into the Underbelly. Keep going until you pass the doorway where you met Hope at the start of Story Mission 12: The Big Chief, where she was trying to open the entrance to Stank Gum's garage. Past that door, you'll reach an area lit with red lights. Follow it to find some shipping containers blocking the way. Look for some yellow paint showing a narrow gap you can squeeze through.



Trundle onward to find a big hole in the wall that wasn't there when you visited earlier. This is where the new area starts (and where the remaining four collectibles for this area are located). Enter the tunnel and turn left at the intersection to walk up a small ramp and be confronted with a stream of fire blocking your path. Drop down off the platform and look under the ramp for a wheel you can turn to stop the stream and clear the path.


Another line of fire will be waiting for you just ahead. On the left side, you can see a set of climbable bumper bars which lead up to the valve controlling the flames. When the trail is clear, continue further into the bowels of the Underbelly.



Objective: Enter the Bowels


As you cross the pool of liquid, you'll see a lock-box with scrap inside against the right wall and a water collection point opposite if you need to replenish your supplies. Turn the valve on the marked doorway next to you when you are done and repeat on the following doorway to enter the gas filled darkness beyond. This gas deals very slow damage over time, meaning that you will need to turn all three valves and leave safely before the gas kills you.


On the ground to the left after the second door is a lock-box filled with scrap for you to obtain. Clatter up the stairs next to you can then head downwards on the ladder at the end of the catwalk. Go further down on the next ladder and turn right at the first intersection at the bottom to find some scrap on the ground. Instead of following the path the scrap was on, backtrack a few steps (literally) and take the other path that you just passed on the left.



A short distance up this tunnel, you'll find your first valve to turn. Once that's done, continue following this tunnel as it winds around. You should pass a side passage with flames blocking it to your left just before the tunnel slopes downward. Take the path toward the flame and when you get close to the stream of fire, you'll find a path you can take to the right. Do so. Ignore the small path to the immediate right and follow the main tunnel.


A little way on, you'll walk up a slope leading upwards with the second valve for you to turn a little way past that. Continue following this tunnel as it slopes downwards a short distance on and turn right when you get the chance to see the final piece of scrap for this area on the ground. Continue past the scrap, even deeper into the area to find the third and last valve to resume the gas flow to Deep Friah's stronghold.



Now it's time to get the hell out of here before you run out of health. Keep moving along the tunnel, which should slope up shortly, ignoring the turn to the right immediately after this. This will take you back to the entrance, however if you follow the path up, you'll find it is blocked so we need to take an alternate route. With the entrance behind you, keep to the right wall (turning right at least twice to enter a tunnel that slopes downward almost immediately.


Follow this path until it rises up again and then turn right to enter the corridor that was blocked by a stream of fire before (now gone). Go straight ahead and up the long ramp leading up towards the light and out of this gas filled darkness as the mission ends.



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