WM10 - As The Wrench Turns



WASTELAND MISSION 10 - As The Wrench Turns

Location: Deep Friah's stronghold - Chumbucket

Reward: Chum's holy wrench repair speed upgrade


Objective: Drive to the entrance


The edge is located on the Southern wall of Gastown. Follow the trail amongst and over the scrap piles on the outskirts of the settlement to reach the marker showing the broken pipe which acts as your entrance. Use the harpoon to pull the weak gate out of the way to gain access.


Objective: Search for Chum's holy wrench


Get out of the Magnum Opus and stroll into the pipe, descending the stairs inside. Partway down, you'll hear an argument below, warning you of the enemies further in. Climb down the ladder and move down the ramp to find some scrap to your right at the bottom. After picking that up, head the other way, looking in the metal structures to the left to find another bit of scrap. A second or two past this in the middle of the path is more scrap for you to nab.



Straight ahead on the path you should see yet more scrap to pick up with an unarmed war dog enemy standing with his back to you just ahead. Try for a stealth kill if you can, failing that engage him and the nearby war boy. As usual, keep in mind to avoid the war dog's unblockable grapple attack and beat them to the floor. Pick up the scrap in the corner once you are done.


Another war dog slightly further along the path will likely be alerted by the fight, so you'll need to move onwards and deal with him next (along with the other war dog who appears from around the corner when you start the fight). After the fight ends, you should find a lock-box with scrap inside it against the left railing. Follow the short tunnel ahead to find one remaining war boy, as well as a lock-box full of scrap and a relic to pick up.



Against the far back wall of the area is the final bit of scrap for you to nab as well. When you move onto the platform, a marker should appear showing the location of the wrench Chumbucket needs. Pick up the wrench to finish off the mission. Officially anyway, Now you have to make it back through a couple of reinforcements (a war dog and war boy) before you can leave the area.


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