WM12 - Ghosts Of The Past



WASTELAND MISSION 12 - Ghosts Of The Past

Location: Deep Friah's stronghold - Hope

Reward: Demented Chariot vehicle


Objective: Drive to the tomb of the rider


After your little chat with Hope, saddle up (metaphorically speaking) and leave the stronghold. The tomb is almost as far away as it is possible to be from your location, being at the Southern-most area of Gutgash's territory (Parch Moon area). Fast-travel to Gutgash's stronghold and then drive from there until you reach the marker in front of what looks like an old mine.


Objective: Reach the biker warlord's vehicle


Walk in through the wooden frame and turn the corner. Objective complete.



Objective: Drive the vehicle to a stronghold


Climb down the ladder. You've found the vehicle, unfortunately it's out of gas. So enter the tunnel to the left and pick up the hanging scrap as well as the scrap on the ground and the scrap in the small alcove to the right. Once you've looted the place, pick up one of the fuel containers and return to the warlord's car.


Before filling it up, look against the wall to the right of the car to spot a lock-box with scrap inside. Now you can fill up the car by heading to the back as usual and dumping the fuel inside. When the tank is topped up, get in the driver's seat and drive down the tunnel straight ahead of the car, slamming through three weak barricades to emerge into the sunlight outside. Now all you have to do is get the car safely back to Gutgash's stronghold. Drive it inside to complete the mission and add it to your vehicle collection.



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