WM13 - A Shot In The Dark




Location: Deep Friah's stronghold - Hope

Reward: Big mama lift kit upgrade


Objective: Drive to the hatch


Anyone else instantly think of the hatch from the TV show Lost? Anyway, leave the stronghold and examine your map. The hatch is located in the Dunes region (buzzard territory) on the East side of the map. Mark it down and then make your way through the tunnel into the rolling white dunes to find it. Gotta love Chumbucket's comment: "How will we ever find such a small thing in this sea of sand?" The answer? Game logic.


Objective: Open the hatch


Walk over to the hatch when you arrive and use your jimmy bar to break it open.



Objective: Search the area for valuable items


Drop down into the hatch and travel down through the submerged train cars, emerging into a subway area below. Directly ahead of you in front of a train car is a pile of scrap with another piece of scrap beside it. The marked train car to the right of this holds some scrap on a mattress to the left and the big mama lift kit that you are looking for. To the right of the entrance to the car you are in is some more scrap sitting on a ledge.


Move back to the entrance of the car that held the lift upgrade and head along the rails it is on, past the left side of the toppled over car to find a ramp leading up onto the top of the train cars. Here you can jump across to the toppled car to find some scrap in a lock-box, as well as some scrap lying loose next to it. Then backtrack to the previous car to spot a hatch you can open with your jimmy bar.



Inside is some loose scrap and another lock-box you can jimmy open for scrap. Now that everything is looted, return to the marked train car and pick up the lift kit to finish the mission. Now you can return to the surface by through the train car tunnel you used earlier. Emerging into the middle of a buzzard ambush. Yay! You can simply make a run for the Magnum Opus and ignore them if you are fast enough, or take them on in melee combat. Whatever floats your boat.


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