WM14 - Torch Them All




Location: Deep Friah's stronghold - Deep Friah

Reward: Blow torches side burners upgrade


Note: Part of this mission can only be done at night, so make sure it is around dusk or later unless you want a bloody long wait.


Objective: Read the sign


Before leaving the stronghold (like we are all automatically programmed to do by now), walk over to the board to the right of Deep Friah's throne to read a strange sign.


Objective: Reach the burning mound and scout the area


After the translation is complete, you can leave the stronghold. Cross the wastes (as usual) to reach the burning mound which is located in the middle of Pink-Eye's Northern area (the Heights). As long as it is actually night-time when you arrive, the objective will change. Otherwise a notification will show up informing you that you need to arrive here at night.



Run to the marker at the top of the mound and press down on the D-pad to look through your binoculars. You are looking for a canyon to the North-West with a flaming pipe at the end (not Gastown, closer). When you've spotted it, a blue marker will appear and you can put your binoculars away.


Objective: Drive to the Arkytekt's camp


Dash down the hill and jump back in the Magnum Opus to begin your journey to the strange canyon. When you arrive at the entrance, you'll be greeted by a few easy to avoid obstacles and many enemies throwing molotovs. In retrospect, it was only about 4 enemies, so they shouldn't be that hard to avoid. Swerve to dodge the incoming projectiles as you race along the canyon floor.



Objective: Defeat the Arkytekt and his followers


When you reach the entrance to the camp, you'll find a yellow painted door waiting for you to kick it down. On the other side of this is a group of five worshiping roadkill enemies (two with weapons). By this point in the game, you should be able to blow through these enemies in seconds. Target/ disarm the weapon using enemies first and then use counters and your fury attacks to bring the rest down quickly. Grab a weapon when you're done to make your fight against the Arkytekt shortly easier.


Check the corner to the left of the door you just kicked in for some scrap. Further inside the same tent is some more scrap for you to find in a box. On the opposite side of the area are another set of tents with a bit of scrap near the wire fence at their back. The furthest tent on the same side from the entry door holds another bit of loose scrap on the ground. Once you have everything, start heading up the hill towards the column of fire behind the metal fence.



Kick down the gate at the top to reach the Arkytekt (I hate typing that name) and his minions. Hopefully you are armed to make group combat easier (hitting multiple enemies at once makes things much simpler). The initial wave of five unarmed enemies should be easy to whittle down with your flailing weapon. Then the Arkytek arrives, looking like a top dog boss on steroids and on fire. This guy uses a large flaming mace and swings in wide arcs, just like regular top dog enemies.


However, he will be supported during the fight by additional reinforcements including two who use shields and weapons, making things a touch more difficult. Players with good reflexes and camera control can use the Arkytekt's swings to damage surrounding enemies, by letting them group around them and then rolling away. Other players will likely just want to dodge roll and then punch or fire at their backs. Don't forget that while in fury mode, Max's swings can overwhelm shielded enemies, allowing you to hit them directly.



Use your shivs and shotgun if you get the opportunity to thin out the reinforcements quickly until only the Arkytekt remains standing. Be careful taking too long though, as more reinforcements may arrive (I counted three waves during my fight). Now the fight turns into the usual top dog battle (evade their swings and punch/ shoot them in the back). Rinse and repeat to bring down the Arkytekt. Thankfully I don't have to type that name again.


When the battle ends, approach the ..... guy you just killed's throne to find a lock-box with scrap inside, with another scrap filled lock-box beside it. On the right side of the throne is some loose scrap on the floor and hanging scrap on the wall. Turn off the valve to the left of the throne when you are finished looting.



Objective: Mark the pilot light beacon


Head for the marker next to the flame pillar in the middle of the area and fire off a flare to complete the mission. Those flaming sideburners are yours.


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