WM15 - Our Daily Bread



WASTELAND MISSION 15 - Our Daily Bread

Location: Pink-Eye's stronghold - Pink-Eye

Reward: Maggot farm project in Pink-Eye's stronghold


Objective: Mark the first point with a flare


The idea for this mission is to use a set of markers to find a submerged church in the Dunes region (buzzard territory) to loot it for food supplies. After hearing this from Pink-Eye, get back in the Magnum Opus downstairs and leave her stronghold. Looking for the marker on the map it will be nearly smack bang in the middle of the Dunes region. Mark it and begin your adventures across the wastes to reach it. When you arrive at the marked location, you'll find a small set of ruined walls. Fire off a flare at the marker to carry on.


Objective: Mark the second point with a flare


The second location is to the North-East of your present location. Time for some dune surfing (boosting from dune crest to dune crest) as you cross the area. At the second marker, you'll find some lopsided wooden telephone poles. Fire off the second flare when you get there. Oh, after you've dealt with the pair of unarmed buzzard enemies that rise up out of the sand.



Objective: Reach the third point and scout the area with your binoculars


The third location will be almost directly to the South of your present coordinates on top of a large sand dune. When you get there, pull out your trusty binoculars and scan the dunes around you. You should be able to easily see both red flares you fired earlier. Look between them to spot a small church steeple poking up out of the sand. That's your destination. When you see it, a marker will show up along with your next objective.


Objective: Reach the church


Have a relaxing Sunday drive through the dunes towards the newly discovered church. When you get there, descend the ladder in the steeple, and then down the next ladder you encounter.



Objective: Find the food stash


From the bottom of the second ladder, you should be able to look around and spot some scrap against a nearby wall with some more scrap lying next to it. Turn to the right after gathering that to see additional scrap lying between the wooden church pews with another bit of scrap beside it.


Approach the lit up central dais to find a relic lying on it. In the large alcove behind the central dais (opposite where you came in) is a lock-box you can open for scrap. Turn back towards the entrance and then head along the right wall to find another lock-box with scrap inside and some loose scrap on the floor next to it.



After traveling down the stairs, follow the hallway and turn left to find some scrap in a corner with yet more scrap on the ground next to it. Weave between the benches and other obstacles to find a door completely barricaded with wooden pews. Pick up the conveniently located jerry can against a nearby column and blast the chairs to kingdom come. Go through the short hallway on the other side and turn right at the intersection to find a lock-box with scrap within as well as the small pile of scrap next to it.


Backtrack and take the other path this time, descending the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find another barricade made of chairs with a jerry can nearby. Introduce the two of them and watch the sparks fly. On the other side of the barricade is the church supply room, filled with massive amounts of food.



Our main points of interest however is the lock-box full of scrap against the right wall and the loose pile of scrap against the left one. Replenish your health if you need to and walk over to the back of the room for a short scene.


Objective: Return outside and mark the location for Pink-Eye


Ah, you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? Leave the storage room and retrace your steps up the stairs and as you pass through the rooms back towards the upper level, you'll hear noises from above. As you reach the upper level, you'll be greeted by a big buzzard scavenger party. Consisting of a shield and weapon wielding enemy and around six unarmed regular foes (be careful as one of the unarmed foes has the same unblockable grapple attack as a war dog),



Hopefully you were ready for a bit of a barney and managed to get all of them to bite the dust. Dust off your hands and climb out of the steeple the way you entered, firing off a flare when you reach ground level once more. The maggot farm project will now be available for you to build at Pink-Eye's stronghold.


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