WM16 - Exodus




Location: Pink-Eye's stronghold - Pink-Eye

Reward: Dune vessel carrier vehicle


Objective: Drive the truck to the launch point


Your success in this mission really comes down to a combination of luck (avoiding enemy patrol spawns) and driver skill (using side slams and vehicle positioning well). After hearing Pink-Eye's plan to send her people across the wastes with you as the delivery boy, you will be teleported into the driver's seat of the carrier outside the stronghold.


This thing is slow to accelerate and can only do slam damage once it reaches a decent speed. But it does have a fair amount of health and inflicts a fair amount of damage when you are moving fast enough.



Note: In an emergency, you can get out and interact with the hood of the carrier to quick repair it for a certain amount of scrap.


Your first map destination will be to the South-East of Pink-Eye's stronghold, the Jaw. Halfway between Pink-Eye's and Jeet's strongholds. Hopefully your drive to the massive gate will be uneventful, but if it isn't you'll have to rely on side slams and your shotgun to destroy anything blocking your path.


When you arrive at the Jaw, up to four vehicles will ambush you. Keep rolling at all times (due to the carrier's poor acceleration) and only engage them when they get close enough for you to attack them. Or you could park the carrier against a wall and beat up the other drivers in melee when they get out of their cars. Up to you. Your new map destination is in the center of the Western edge of the map (Cadavanaugh region).


Keep driving towards the setting sun (or where the sun would set if it was the afternoon), following the marked trails to the West and dealing with any little problems you encounter on the way with excessive violence. When you reach the Western marker, a scene will trigger and the mission will end. Hope you enjoy that carrier.



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