WM17 - Rustle Dazzle



WASTELAND MISSION 17 - Rustle Dazzle

Location: Gastown - Outcrier

Reward: Crow caller vehicle


Objective: Find Crow Dazzle's car


Note: This is another one of those night-only missions, so make sure it is dusk or night before you accept this one to prevent a long wait.


After listing to the Outcrier's request for you to liberate a car from the competition, head down the stairs and hop back in the Magnum Opus. Your destination is the death race location you visited in Story Mission 10 - Fumehead's Debt, where you met Crow Dazzle directly. Make your way across the wastes, wrecking opposition until you reach the area close to the marked location.



Objective: Take the vehicle and deliver it to the Outcrier


If you arrive at the correct time of day, Crow Dazzle's vehicle will be in the small area to the left of the main building. Run over the debris and get in the Crow Caller. As soon as you get inside, roadkill enemies will begin spawning nearby, as well as roadkill vehicles rolling up from the road below.  Ignore them all and make a run for Gastown. The side slam abilities of the Crow Caller can deal nasty damage, however if you get it bogged down in the rubbish off the roads outside Gastown, you will move slower than a limping snail as you try to get out.(so be careful navigating those roads).


Roadkill enemies will continually spawn and attack you until you reach safety, so only attack them when they are close, instead of wasting time getting rid of them. You can quick repair the car by walking over to the bonnet and spending scrap, but this is difficult with swarms of roadkill vehicles circling around you. When you roll through the entrance to Gastown, the mission is over and the Crow Caller vehicle is yours.



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