Havarl: Recovering The Past

Recovering The Past

Locations: Aya, Havarl

After your first meeting on Havarl, talk to Avela Kjar on the docks.

She'll ask for your help investigating a crash on the jungle world Havarl. The crash site is easy to find, but harder to get to. In particular, there's a clearing en route which often turns into a three-way battle royale between raiders, remnants, and the local wildlife. Once you join the fracas, keep your squadmates close and watch your back- it's easy to get caught out on the wrong side of cover.

Once you've dispensed on the resistance, follow the marker to a giant chasm. Scan the bridge, then look left to see a Forward Station site.

Get close enough to land the station, then clear out local resistance from your perch of infinite ammo and health. When you do drop down, be sure to activate the nearby Remnant Console so you can get back up again later.

Follow the objective marker to the crash, south along the chasm floor. You'll meet light resistance, but never more than a few bots at a time, and the narrow confines make them easy handle.

Scan the ship, then climb up to the cockpit to retrieve an ancient Angaran space helmet. Return this to Avela to complete the quest.

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