COLLECTIBLES - Smartphones


All phone locations



Old Factory District


1. On ground level, next to fuel tank





2. In enclosed walkway between two buildings





3. Under the on-ramp





4. Ground level right at edge of area behind building





5. Alley under building next to train





6. Under rail-yard building





7. In back corner of Oxford's base





8. Ground level in alcove between two buildings





9. Side of road in front of building





10. Inside hotdog factory (only available after mission 19)







11. End of pier





12. Lowest level of parking lot, in corner with pink skull graffiti on wall next to it





13. On top of freeway, inside Scab base, within a shack





14. Side of road, under overhang for parking spaces




15. In small garden at side of road





16. Under overpass on walkway next to support pillars





17. Under freeway in small garden alcove to the right of a building





18. On balcony with wooden floor a couple of stories up from ground level





19. On ground level in garden next to building





20. Under freeway, up one layer from ground level, near stairs in front of closed doors





21. Between two fizzco posts, in centre on plaza





22. On ground level next to road, near Two Hat Jack





23. On middle of island





24. On wooden waterfront walkway, next to pool





25. Corner of waterfront lookout, underneath bridge that connects areas





26. Within shack, in scab base, halfway along bridge





Little Tokyo


27. In alley, near dumpsters





28. Ground level, next to road, entrance to underground parking lot





29. Amongst blood and guts next to side of road




30. Middle of alley coming off road





31. Front of troop bushido base, on balcony of pagoda





32. Behind petrol bowsers at petrol station





Harbor District


33. Under bridge in fenced off area





34. In fountain at side of sloped glass building





35. Under bridge connecting island





36. In pool behind apartment building, at waterfront





37. In Fargarthian base, behind King's throne





38. In alley, between road and water





39. Side of road





40. Alcove at front of train station




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