Starting Out In Sunset City

LIVIN' IN THE CITY (you know you have to survive):



General Tips:


  • Movement is the key to staying alive. While staying on the ground might seem like an easier place to aim, the enemies move fast and will quickly surround you. Stay on the grind surfaces and use the LT to aim and slow down your slide, making shots easier.
  • Before dashing into the story missions headlong, take the early missions slow and practice your movement abilities. From quite an early point, some missions will be frantic cases of being overwhelmed. So take the time to master your skills beforehand.
  • Be ready to swap weapons constantly early on in the game. Weapons can be leveled up by using them on enemies. Early in the game, the weapons you get don't have much ammo so you run out fast. The solution is win-win. All your weapons get XP and you don't run out of ammo in a firefight. Swap rapidly between weapons when they run low with LB.
  • Traps (once they are introduced) are essential in defending your base during enemy wave events. Work out the common mixtures of traps (fling trap into a spinning blade trap and other combinations). This will really let you concentrate on thinning the enemy ranks while the traps chew up enemies below.
  • Equip new amps whenever they become available and give them a try. They may make your life a heck of a lot easier. Things like enemy knockback, shock bullets and throwing fireballs are all great additions to your arsenal.
  • Buy the collectible maps from Two Hat Jack (weapon and map vendor) as quickly as possible. This reveals all the collectibles in the area and allows you to collect them as you go instead of having to hunt them later to start missions.
  • Once you start earning badges, make sure to spend them on overdrives. These increase your abilities by generating more style points, increasing damage dealt and various other bonuses. You'll obtain badges by just playing the game, so make sure to spend them when you have enough.



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