Story Mission 01 - Horror Night



STORY MISSION 01 - Horror Night


Rewards: Flaming compensator



As soon as you start the game, you get to create your own character and their appearance (pity about the clothes though). You will be able to change them after the tutorials so don't think this is a once off deal. Finish your masterpiece and get ready to hit the town.


Escape the train station



All at once the crap hits the fan as you are on a runaway train surrounded by mutated freaks (ODs). Watch the brief scene and you will be given control as you step out onto the platform. You have no weapons to fight with at this point, so all you can do is avoid the enemies here (dodge roll with X and jump with A).


Run the length of the platform while evading the enemies and vault over the fence at the end. As you round the corner, the game will introduce you to bounce mechanics. Certain objects in the world (fans, umbrellas, trees and plenty more) will act like trampolines, hurling you into the air and allowing you to reach higher areas. Bounce up towards the objective marker.


The large green plus signs are healing items that will restore some of your health when you absorb one. Make sure to grab it if you took damage earlier. Bounce up to the ledges above you to trigger a quick scene showing your next destination.



Look for the marker and leap to the rooftop below, bounce on the fans and follow the guide arrows across the road.


Get across the street


Bounce to the other side of the road and land on the buildings opposite to complete the objective.


Get to the top of the building


Jump to the nearby awning and it will launch you up the side of the building, landing you on the rooftop.


Get across the highway


From the rooftop, you will need to bounce across the highway using the cars as trampolines to get across safely. Bounce across to land on the green tinted building on the other side.



Get to your apartment


The game will introduce grinding here (jump towards a grindable object and press X just before landing on it to grind), which should feel very familiar to anyone who has played Jet Set Radio or any Tony Hawk skating game. Grind across the series of cords and surfaces until you get near your apartment.


When you do, the game will show you how to reverse the direction of a grind (push backwards with LS and press X) for good reason. When you land on the rooftop of your apartment, try the door for a scene.


Escape from the giant mutant


Well, looks like you're gonna have to learn on the run. Under-grind is exactly like grinding (jump and then use X to attach to an object) but you hang from it instead. Use the wire in front of you to get the hell out of there. You can also swap between grinding and under-grinding by hitting X at any time. Avoid the OD enemies by swapping position until you reach the far rooftop.


Weapon obtained: Flaming Compensator



Damage: Medium

Magazine (base): 18

Extra effect: Ignites enemies


The flaming compensator acts like a shotgun with fairly good range. Firing a decent size spray, it doesn't need a perfectly accurate handler to be useful. It can be used to set enemies on fire as well, dealing chip damage to larger enemies making them easier to bring down.


Kill the mutants while grinding or bouncing


Well, ain't that a suggestive objective? Now you've got a spanking new weapon, you need to get the hang of using it. Holding LT to aim while grinding will slow down time, allowing you to aim better for those tricky shots. Pulling RT will fire the weapon. Circle the nearby rooftops, blasting away OD mutants until you meet the quota of eight. As soon as you bring down the last one, a quick scene will happen and McSmilyface will be back and hungry for your blood.



Defeat the giant mutant


The giant mutant is a bit more dangerous this time as he now throws projectiles. These are preceded by a large red circle appearing where they will land. Avoid these at all costs as they hurt pretty bad. Definitely keep moving during this fight as the swarms of lesser OD will surround you quickly if you don't.


Use your grind reversals if a red circle appears on the wire you are grinding to avoid being hit. Despite the objective, you only need to stay alive, not damage him and run out a thirty or forty second timer to be helped by an old guy with a gun.


Get home


Now you need to follow the trail of arrows back to your apartment. Use the skills you've learned to make it there and open the door. Once you're inside, sit back and watch the scene to see how all this madness began.



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