Story Mission 02 - Awesomepocalypse

STORY MISSION 02 - Awesomepocalypse


Rewards: Crowbar, Dirty Harry, High Fidelity



Before starting the actual mission you'll be able to change out of those dull work threads and into something a bit more upbeat. Change your clothing and when you're done, exit out of it to start the mission.



Pick up the crowbar


You'll start off on a rooftop looking at your new survivor pal Walter. Walter will spawn a crowbar for you to pick up. This allows you to perform melee attacks with the B button (you can also use melee attacks while grinding or under-grinding).


Clear the roof of OD


Walter apparently believes in trial by fire, so it's up to you to kick some OD ass with your new crowbar. Time your swings to hit the enemies before they finish their attack animations to avoid taking damage. Gotta love that golf swing finish. Kill five OD to move on.



Go to the basketball court


Bounce down the nearby rooftops and grind over to the court below.


Break the crate


When Walter says, look to the right to spot a crate. Jump up in the air above it and press B to dive-bomb into the ground with an AoE melee attack. This is handy for knocking back or damaging groups of OD when you land. Crates can hold ammunition, health and other goodies (shown by the design on the crate) so make sure to keep an eye out if you are running low on supplies. Dive bomb the crate to smash it open.


Pick up and equip the high fidelity


Grab the gun off the ground, use LB to bring up the weapon wheel and use the LS to select it.


Weapon obtained: High Fidelity



Damage: Low-Medium

Magazine (base): 70

Extra effect: Bounces from enemy to enemy


High fidelity is equivalent to the assault rifle of other games. The weapon fires records towards enemies and on contact, bounces towards any other enemies nearby. This one is useful for dealing with clustered OD and other weak enemy groups.


Defend yourself against the OD


Well, looks like Walter knows a fair whack about the OD. Including how to lure them in. Time to put your new gun to use. Leap onto the fence surrounding the court and start recording the enemies when they begin appearing. You'll only have to deal with eight or so before the court is clear.



Follow Walter


Walter will run off up the street towards his base: the Brewery (of course). Follow him up the hill to hear his conspiracy theories and learn a bit more about your prior employer Fizzco. Keep tailing him until he reaches the Brewery.


Acquire Dirty Harry from Two Hat Jack


Walter will introduce you to the local gunsmith, Two Hat Jack. When he does, talk to Jack and buy the Dirty Harry weapon from him.


Weapon Obtained: Dirty Harry



Damage: Medium-High

Magazine (base): 14

Extra Effect: None


Think of this weapon like the pistol in Halo games. It does serious damage per shot, is highly accurate and will single shot weaker enemies with ease. The only downside to this great weapon is the tiny amount of ammo it can hold. It is best used on a few enemies at medium distance before swapping to another gun for larger groups at close range. It is also handy for dealing straight damage to larger monsters as well, just be ready to swap it out when the ammo runs dry.


Go see Floyd


Floyd is just upstairs from Jack and is the resident crazy scientist. Talk to him for a quick scene, during which you will be rudely interrupted by some uninvited guests.



Kill all scabs!


Scabs have arrived at the party and they are quite dangerous for players who remain on the ground. Jump on one of the rails overhead and keep grinding around above them to stay healthy. Try out all your weapons on these guys (Dirty Harry and High Fidelity especially).


As long as you keep moving, this isn't really a dangerous fight. Take your time and get used to the movement mechanics and gun-play here as it will make life easier for you in a few missions time.


Return to Floyd at the Brewery


Once you are done, head back to have a chat with Floyd and finish the mission.



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