Story Mission 03 - One Man's Trash...

STORY MISSION 03 - One Man's Trash...


Rewards: $1000, 1000 Overcharge



Go to the crash site near the Crown Blades Factory


After a brief chat with Floyd, it appears you have to go down the road to get a few parts. Jump and grind your way along the overhead wires (using RB to increase your speed) and work your way down the hill towards the objective marker.


Collect 5 vat parts


At the bottom of the hill you'll find several OD slurping up some spilled Overcharge. Blast your way through them and grab the vat parts on the tracks to the right.



Follow the tracks to the next crash site


Hop onto and grind along the train tracks towards the next marker. As you go along, remember to use your melee attack (B) to smack any nearby OD (hilarious and healthy exercise!).


As you grind along, you will see a cluster of OD with red barrels amongst them. Pull out a weapon and detonate the barrel for some fireworks. Shortly after that, you will reach the marker and encounter a new type of foe.



Collect 5 more vat parts


Pull out a weapon and quickly fire at the popper enemies. They pack a nasty punch if they get close enough to you to detonate, so make sure to take them down at a distance. From the puddle of Overcharge, head right to find the remaining vat parts.


Return to Floyd at the Brewery


More poppers will begin running down the hill towards you, but you can jump up to the higher levels or rooftops above to avoid them and work your way back to the Brewery.



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