Story Mission 05 - Amptastic!

STORY MISSION 05 - Amptastic!


Reward: Bounce-splosion, Bear Force One, Fired!




Equip the Stun Rounds and Damage Dodge Roll amps


When the mission starts, you'll be shown how to equip new amps to your character. Chuck on the damage dodge and stun round amps. You're gonna want them on. Put the stun rounds on a weapon that has a decent amount of ammo (such as high fidelity) as it makes it quite a bit better.


Go to the parking lot and reach style level 1


Now you'll have to show off your moves. Leap from rail to rail, bounce on fans and try to avoid hitting the ground until your style reaches level 1. Once you reach it, your dodge roll amp will activate.


Use the Damage Dodge Roll amp to knockdown OD


Head down to ground level and start lobbing yourself at the OD by rolling into them. You only need to knock down 8 before moving on.


Reach style level 2


Repeat the process of gaining more style points until you reach level 2. When you do your weapon amp will activate.



Use weapon amp to stun OD


Now you get to play with your records again as you stun fifteen OD with them. Watch the shock effect to see how it can be used in larger scale battles (we will be using it like that shortly) by stunning groups of enemies and holding them in place while you swap to an AoE weapon to finish them off.


Kill remaining OD


Use whatever guns you like to finish off the few remaining OD in the parking lot. When you're done, the game will show you the remaining style levels.


Go back to Floyd


You know the way by now. Trek back to Floyd to get the next objective.


Turn the valve and let loose the juice!


Head over to the marked objective and turn the valve.



Protect the Overcharge


Now it's time to mash some tower defense into this game. The goal is to protect the amp device at the back of the area by holding of encroaching waves of OD enemies. Three barricades and several traps (you will have to place your own next time) will be scattered around the area to help you as well.



The horde will break through the barricades fast, so you need to be aggressive and use weapons that deal with enemy clusters (high fidelity with stun rounds is looking real good right about now). You'll want to try and keep your style to at least level 2 or higher to maintain your stun rounds amp.


You will have some time once they reach the Overcharge tank before they drain it dry. So if they get through, fall back and defend it.


Get the amps from the amp chamber


When that's over with, head to the amp chamber next to Floyd to pick up your reward.



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