Story Mission 06 - A Way Out



Reward: $1000, 1000 Overcharge



Meet Walter at the overpass


This mission will lead straight on from the last one. As soon as you pick up and equip your new amps, the first mission objective will flash up. Fling yourself across rooftops until you reach Walter's location.


Help Walter fight off scabs


When you arrive at Walter's location, the game will give you max style for sixty seconds. Use this newfound power to destroy the scabs attacking Walter. Be aggressive as the style boost doesn't last long. There are a few red barrels in the area to make use of and bouncing on cars will trigger your epic amp, causing an explosion each time you bounce.



Use these to chew through the enemies. Any remaining scabs can be taken care off with single shots from Dirty Harry. This is a timed event, so you can just wait out the timer as well (but that's far less fun). Once the timer runs out you'll need to kill any scabs remaining in the area to get the next objective.


Talk to Walter


Bounce up to Walter on top of the overpass and talk to him. After this a scene will take over and the game will show you a few things before you regain control on the streets below.



Return to the Brewery


Open up your map and fast travel back to the Brewery or make your way there on foot and talk to Floyd.



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