Story Mission 07 - A New Friend

STORY MISSION 07 - A New Friend


Reward: 1000 Overcharge, TNTeddy, Blazer Open



Talk to Floyd


This objective will complete immediately after accepting the mission.


Go to the Crown Blades Factory


Time to head back to the factory, for a new propeller this time. Flip and grind your way down there and head through the open gates.



Search for a propeller


Another auto-completing objective. This one will vanish after the cut scene as well.


Follow the mysterious stranger


Work your way across the floating platforms (smashing Fizzco crates on the way for money) which are helpfully highlighted by the game. When you reach the other side, the stranger will bolt once more. As you follow him this time, a horde of OD will swarm him.



Rescue the stranger


Pull out your flaming compensator or high fidelity (works well on enemy clusters) to bring them down fast. Make sure all the OD in the area are dead and approach the roller door to get the prompt to open it.


Protect Sam from the OD


A new enemy type will join the OD forces, making life slightly more difficult. Blowers are ranged specialists and will shoot from a considerable distance quite accurately. Their shots will show as a set of small circles showing the targeted area for the shot. They don't have much more health than a regular OD but do a fair chunk of damage per hit, so make sure to avoid and destroy.


After shooting down the first blower with your flaming compensator or dirty harry, three more will show up. Once the last blower goes down, Sam will start moving again. Trail behind him to reach the shipping yard and another OD force with Blowers amongst them. Swap to the high fidelity and blast away at the blowers (taking out the surrounding OD from the bounce effect of the weapon).



Once the yard is clear, follow Sam up the steps and blast the OD that appear in the corridor when you reach it (poppers take priority here). Jump down off the balcony at the end.


Another group of OD will be waiting when you land, pull out high fidelity once more (or the flaming compensator if you are low on ammo) and continue the massacre. There are several red barrels in this area to take advantage of, so make sure to use them when you can to even the odds (well, unbalance them even further).


Keep racking up the body count when the OD break through the barricade. Once you've cleared the swarm, break any crates in the area for ammo and money then follow the new marker.


Return to the train


Make your way back across the shipyards and head for the marker at the back of the train to find a supply crate. Open it to put together the TNTeddy weapon.


Defend Sam while he starts the train


As soon as you obtain the new gun, you'll be mobbed by OD, blowers and poppers. Use your newfound firepower to blow away clusters of enemies at a time. Focus fire on the stronger enemies with dirty harry or the flaming compensator when you can as they are the biggest threat to your health.



The TNTeddy works best on clusters of regular OD and poppers, so don't waste it's ammo on blowers. After a few short waves, Sam will get the train started and you'll be able to get out of there.


Ride dat train


Hop on top of the train and fill everything with lead as it rolls onward. Partway along the tracks you'll see a barricade with red barrels amongst it, shoot the barrels to clear the tracks. Shortly afterwards the train will splatter a herker and then come to a stop.


Follow Sam to the pizzeria


Sam will eject from the train. When he does, follow along behind him to your next safehouse. The Oxford's base.



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