Story Mission 08 - Bora Bora Water

STORY MISSION 08 - Bora Bora Water


Rewards: $1000, 2000 Overcharge



Go to the Bora Bora Water Facility


Leave the Oxford's base then grind, flip and bounce your way towards the marker for the water facility. When you there you'll find the place is flooded and you'll need to go to work to get it back up and running. Slide over to the valve with the loudspeakers next to it to find out how to do this.


Activate the emergency flush sequence


Turn the valve in front of you to trigger the first flush system sequence. When you do, a grind path will appear behind your character. To clear the blocked pipe, you need to grind up the path, meleeing all the valves on the way and bounce on the plunger at the end. All of this during a timer. Gotta love objectives like these, Oh, and then repeat two more times with higher difficulty. Nice. The first grind section is very simple and shouldn't pose a problem.



Continue emergency flush sequence


Once the first pipe is cleared, head for the new marker to start the second pipe clearing. This one is a bit more tricky, you will need to clear a road and wind around a building before landing on the plunger to clear the pipe. Time your jumps and make sure to hit all the valves on the way to complete this one.


Figure out where the OD are coming from


When you arrive at the marker for the final sequence, a new objective will pop up and a horde of OD will rush towards you. Head for the big red dot on the mini-map to find a new enemy type.



Kill the spawner


The Spawner. These guys live up to their names. They spawn large amounts of regular OD while attacking you like a Herker. They don't have as much health as a Herker, but can still deal significant melee damage and take a fair whack of damage to bring down. Hit the spawner with your flaming compensator (to set it on fire for chip damage) and then swap to your dirty harry to deal direct damage to the beast. Do all of this while backing away as it charges you. Once the spawner is down, return to the marked valve.


Complete the emergency flush sequence


The final sequence isn't much different from the last. A couple of jumps can be tricky but if you time them well it isn't particularly difficult. Grind up to the final plunger and clear the final pipe.



Deliver the bora bora water to the Oxford's Base


Drop down to the new marker at the bottom of the plant and open the roller door to find a stash of bora bora water. Pick up a carton and head back to the Oxford's Base (fast travel isn't possible while holding an object). As you leave the facility a large number of OD will appear to try and ruin your day. You can simply grind and bounce away as you ignore them. Enter the Oxford's Base to finish the mission.



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