Story Mission 09 - Boo-Boo Roverdrive

STORY MISSION 09 - Boo-Boo Roverdrive


Rewards: $1000, 2000 Overcharge



Go to the dog park in Little Tokyo


Head outside and begin heading for the new marker. On the way you will most likely gain your first badge of the game (if you don't, don't worry. They just come with time). These badges can be spent to equip and upgrade overdrives. These enhance your damage, toughness, style gains and many other things. So take a look once you start earning them to see which ones you want to aim for. They are pretty easy to cater to your own playstyle.



Also on the way, you'll have to cross the river for the first (necessary) time. The game will introduce you to the water dash here. Simply tap X just before hitting the water and you will dash across it like your character is grinding. You can only go a certain distance during this though before you fall in, so jump to something else before you go for a swim.


Clear OD out of the dog park


OD will be infesting the dog park area, so pull out your trusty weaponry and blast away. You will need to kill everything within the yellow circle on the mini-map. This includes the Spawner who arrives to join the party. Remember the flaming compensator + dirty harry combo to bring it down fast. There are several ammo and health crates scattered around, so you shouldn't really have much trouble here.



Meet Margaret's virtual dog, Boo-Boo


Walk over to the virtual dog and interact with it. Things won't really work out between you two. Instead you'll have to do things the hard way (what a surprise).


Find a cutie kitty at the toy store to excite Boo-Boo


Grind your way to the newly appeared toystore marker. Just before arriving, pull out your dirty harry as you are going to want to bring down a target fast. After the quick scene, showing the scabs and the location of cutie kitty. Pull out your gun and blast the scab with the toy once or twice to bring him down (he shouldn't even have time to move). Depending on your ammo stocks and health situation, you can either dash in, grab the toy and run. Or, clear the area of scabs. Either way, once you are done head back to the park.



Take the cutie kitty back to Boo-Boo at the dog park


Avoid the scab shots and work your way back to find Boo-Boo again. Give him the toy to make him come out. When he does, you will obtain the Epic Kitty Cannon of Deathness. Seriously, this is one of the most fun weapons in the game. It fires cutie kitty dolls, resulting in Boo-Boo chasing after them and going psycho on anything in the area. The hilarity of this cannot be overstated and Boo-Boo is ridiculously powerful, bringing down Herkers and Spawners in a matter of seconds. Before the massacre however, we need to make him perform some tricks.


Get Boo-Boo to do tricks on three play structures


Simply shoot the kitty cannon at three of the structures in turn to complete this one.


Lure Boo-Boo across the North Bridge


This is where the fun (and havoc) begins. You will need to keep firing the weapon to move Boo-Boo towards the Oxford's Base. As you do, fire it at any clumps of enemies (or strong single enemies) and watch Boo-Boo go to town. Just follow the markers and keep Boo-Boo moving.



Lure Boo-Boo to the intersection


More enemies dead, more mayhem. Once you arrive at the intersection, you will meet some old friends.


Kill Eddie's buddies and survive the ambush


Looks like the scab you killed earlier had some frie... oh, nevermind. They're all dead. Kill everything and move on. Keep high up and grind to avoid taking too much damage during this fight.



Lure Boo-Boo to sasquatch and friends


Grind along the telephone wires as you head up the street (maximizing safety and speed) while firing at the enemies below. This will cause general pain and misery to the world below you in a dog shaped form.


Clear the OD outside sasquatch and friends


Fling kitties at every red dot on the mini-map until the game tells you not to anymore (or just puts up the next objective).


Go inside sasquatch and friends


Once the massacre is over, head inside the Oxford's base and reunite Margaret with Boo-Boo. Damn, why can't the player have a dog like that? Oh well, mission over.



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