Story Mission 10 - Max's Parents

STORY MISSION 10 - Max's Parents


Rewards: $1000, 3000 Overcharge



Go to tower


Wow, basic description much? You'll need to head to Little Tokyo again to find your objective. A large tower of units overlooking the water. When you arrive, the lower area of the place will be packed with scabs.


Clear the scab fort


Scabs deal large amounts of chip damage to your health, so you will want to kill them off quickly. Use your dirty harry to bring them down fast and swap to the flaming compensator or TNTeddy to finish the remaining ones off. There are plenty of conveniently placed red barrels here as well to take advantage of. Explosive advantage.



Climb the tower


And now we arrive at the tough part of the mission. Smash some crates to heal up and recover some ammo before using the marked harpoon to create a path to the opposite building. Harpoons can only be permanently attached to the target spots, not anywhere you like (awww). Leap onto the new path and grind upwards.


Bounce up to the next floor and then turn around when you land. You should be able to use a pole sticking out of the wall to flip over a barrier and find the next harpoon. Use the harpoon to detonate the explosive barrels on the left before aiming for the ones on the right. This will explode some scabs and reveal your next target to attach to.


Grind along the harpoon rope and then grind and bounce up to the next harpoon. What did the people who lived here do with these things? Harpoon passing whales? Or scare the hell out of their neighbors? Shoot the explosive barrels opposite to clear the scabs before shooting the target.



Once you are on the other side the wall here should already be lowered. If it isn't, return to the rope between the buildings and fire shots at the explosive barrels behind the wall. Jump across the gap to reach yet another harpoon.


Fire at the higher of the two targets and cross to the other building once more. This is where the real platforming challenge lies. You'll need to perform a series of jumps, grinds and undergrinds to make it through. Make sure to swap between grinding and undergrinding to avoid the electric objects on the ropes as you move along. Thankfully the game will place a couple of checkpoints in this sequence, so you won't go all the way back to the bottom of the tower if you mess up.



Keep bouncing and grinding upwards until you reach another group of scabs. There is an ammo crate and some health if you need it here. Pull out your dirty harry (or alternate weapon if you are out of ammo) and blast away the scabs (look for the explosive barrels on the ledge above). You will also be shot at by scabs on the opposite building during this, so take cover as you can.


Use the harpoons on this side and on the side opposite to clear out the scabs on both sides. Once they are gone you can shoot the large pile of explosive barrels behind the wall to demolish it or just jump behind it. Either way will work. Flip up to the top level of the building to see a quick scene showing a new enemy. Scab rushers.


Clear the scabs off the roofs


Depending on your weaponry and playstyle, you can use weapons, melee or your amp abilities to bring them down, Dirty harry will one shot them. The flaming compensator will deal chip fire damage to them until they die. Melee attacks will take two or three hits to kill them and smashes may kill them in one shot.


Choose your method of attack and clear the roof. Regular scabs will arrive to reinforce the flagging rusher forces, so continue your rampage a bit more cautiously when they appear. Once the first roof is clear, look for a grind rope on the far right side of the area that reaches to the opposite rooftop.


On this new roof, you'll find more scabs (plus some health and ammo crates) so resume the mayhem. Once all the scabs are no more you'll get a new objective.



Open the panic room


Sidle over to the marker and open the door.


Search the debris for the voice recorder


Look for the glowing blue voice recorder at the base of the towers (next to the fountain) and listen to it. Well, that was worth it.


Return to the Oxford's Base


Fast travel back and let Max know what happened.



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