Story Mission 13 - Up In The Air

STORY MISSION 13 - Up In The Air


Rewards: $2500, 4000 Overcharge, Pyro Geyser Trap



Talk to Walter


This mission follows straight on from the last one. Walter has apparently buggered off with your propeller and wants you to meet him back at the overpass once again. Bounce, grind and parkour your way through the city to the overpass. When you arrive, head over to Walter and press Y to talk to him.


Recover the glide wheel from the scabs


Time to take out some aggression on the thieving sods who stole the glide wheel (seriously, is that even an aerial vehicle component? I'm still unsure). The scabs will be guarding a stage near the river. The wheel will be sitting center stage, so you can either rush in and grab it or shoot all the scabs with your dirty harry (that sounds slightly messed up). There are some ammo crates nearby, so replenishing lost ammo shouldn't pose a problem. Combining dirty harry with the burn, baby amp here can lead to some fun and effective results.



Return to the launch base with the glide wheel


Hop back onto the telephone wires and grind along the street back towards the overpass.


Defend the launch site from the scab ambush


As you get close, you will see scabs swarming the overpass and Walter fending them off. Bounce up to the overpass and join the fray. There are a few ammo crates near the launch platform if you need them. Keep moving and retreat to find health when you need it (their chip damage can add up). Depending on distance, you will want to use your dirty harry or flaming compensator to bring them down.



Defensive players will want to start working towards obtaining and upgrading the lone HP regeneration overdrive from this point on. Maxed out it is very handy for chip damage situations and will be useful in future missions. Work your way around the area while strategically wasting enemies.


Fall back to the glider


Once the yellow area is clear, you will get the instruction to fall back to the glider. Meet Walter next to it, grabbing as much ammo for the dirty harry as you can. You're going to want it for the next objective.


Battle the Fizzco forces


The third faction in the city will arrive to make life less pleasant. Fizzco security bots are quite accurate and capable of blasting you while you grind. These enemies are sometimes actually easier to deal with on foot as you can move in more directions, dodging their fire easier.



At the moment, your dirty harry gun is the best weapon on hand for bringing them down. So hopefully you picked up some ammo for it on the way. They have a decent amount of health but should fall after about three shots. The flaming compensator shotgun doesn't work well against them as it is a fire based weapon (unless equipped with elemental amps), so avoid using it here. The bots will tear through your health fast if you aren't careful, so play defensively and retreat for health when you need it.


Launch the glider


After defeating the security bots, make your way back to the glider to launch it and take to the sky.


Fly to the Brewery


Now, flight is pretty simple in this game but there are a few things to be aware of. Your health is still the same (there is no "machine health" to take the hits. Your power source is hot air, otherwise known as thermals rising up from heat sources below. They appear as gusts of wind rising up from below. Use these to top up your power to avoid plummeting to the ground below.


You also have a limited supply of rockets, these should be used sparingly and only when necessary (RT to fire them). They do replenish themselves over time though. For now, get to grip with the aerial controls and head for the Brewery marker.



Chase the Fizzco patrol craft


When you approach the Brewery, a Fizzco blimp will fly up and race off. What follows is a game of cat and mouse across the city. You'll need to chase the craft (don't bother firing at it as it has an overshield protecting it) while maintaining your power by running over thermals on the way. Keep in mind you can also shoot any green balloons you see for health.


After a bit of tailing, the blimp will start releasing mines behind it (in increasing numbers as the chase goes on). Dodge these to avoid damage and/ or shoot them when necessary. Keep following the blimp and maintaining your power supply while Sam codes. The Fizzco security bots are very unlikely to hit you, so they can be ignored.



Shoot down the Fizzco patrol craft


Once Sam is done with the virus, the blimps overshield will vanish, allowing you to unleash missile hell upon the stricken craft. Blast away with all your missiles to bring it down in short order.


Use the steam vent at the Power Plant to rocket over the walls


Fly towards the marked massive vent over the power plant to trigger the mission ending scene.



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