Story Mission 15 - It's Me! Fizzie!

STORY MISSION 15 - It's Me! Fizzie!


Rewards: $1500, 3000 Overcharge



Talk to Norton


Look to the left of your start point to see Norton. Head over to talk to him.


Go to the Radio Tower


After this new objective flashes up, a new ability will unlock. The air dash. This allows you to cover longer gaps by pressing RB in midair. This is extremely useful in crossing large gaps and adjusting your aerial movements to land where you want. On the way to the tower, make sure your dirty harry ammo is stocked up as you will be dealing with Fizzco bots in this mission.



Destroy the first transmitter


As soon as you arrive at the base of the first transmitter, you will be introduced to a new Fizzco enemy. The blade bot. These are fast moving melee bots that deal significant damage in melee. You need high damage weaponry to bring these guys down fast. Unfortunately at the moment, your best weapon against them doesn't have much of an ammo stock.


Use your dirty harry (the more you use it, the higher damage it does and more ammo it gets) until it runs out of ammo and then swap to high fidelity. Get used to using the dirty harry all the time in this game as it works against practically everything and does good damage, even against tough opponents. Remember that personal space amp? You should probably have it equipped by now if you didn't already as it will bounce back blade bots.



If you run out of ammo for both of those guns (which you might in clearing the area), swap to the TNTeddy next and finally the flaming compensator if need be. When you are down to the shotgun however, you should be actively looking for ammo crates to reload your other guns. There are also electrical barrels that can be thrown or shot in the area to take advantage of, but picking them up is cumbersome and can result in you taking unhealthy amounts of damage (so use with caution).


You can try to rush over to the transmitter to destroy it without killing all the bots here, but the crossfire will shred your health in instants and the blade bots will doggedly follow you. Better to at least reduce their numbers before attempting to melee the transmitter to pieces. Once it lies in ruins however, the next objective will flick up.


Climb the tower


We've heard that objective before, but this time it means the radio tower. From the transmitter location, look around to see a circular platform on the ground nearby (knocked down during the previous scene). These act as your bounce pads up to the transmitter. Use the bounce pads and grind rails to reach the second level of the tower, smashing all the ammo crates you can find beforehand.


When you reach the second level of the tower, you'll be attacked by more Fizzco bots (blade and security), but they will be distracted by the OD they are battling. Focus your fire on the Fizzco bots first as they pose the bigger threat. Swap to the flaming compensator to quickly finish off any remaining OD. Once the area is cleared (or slightly less crowded), shoot the transmitter a few times to make it explode.



Keep climbing that tower!


Bounce you way upwards on the bounce pads until a scene takes over.



Take Fizzie down!


The Fizzie balloon is really the first boss of the game. His main attack is his eye lasers, which are pretty easy to avoid by simply moving out of the way. He can also use the eye lasers on railings, meaning you have to change direction to avoid them or undergrind instead. His only other attack is firing a line of red balloons at you if you get close. Falling off the top of the tower will simply return you to the lowest area of the top of the tower.


To damage Fizzie, you need to bounce on three bounce pads in sequence. The vibrations from the pads interferes with Fizzie, stunning him temporarily. Use this opportunity to pump some lead into his eyes with your dirty harry. Your ammo won't actually decrease during this fight as you fire your weapons, so just go to town on him.


When Fizzie drops down to his last quarter of health, he will gain the ability to fire homing rockets. These deal decent damage and will track you relentlessly. Stun Fizzie as quick as you can  and deal the final damage to drop him. You will need to fire on the disco ball in the center of his face now though. After he detonates, the mission will finish.



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