Story Mission 16 - Hot Dog!



Rewards: $2500, 4000 Overcharge, Murderang



Talk to the girl at the Oxford's base


Now that the blimp is gone, listen to Norton being even more suspicious and wait for a call from Sam. Fast travel to the Oxford's base to meet the mysterious girl.


Go to the Hot Dog Factory


Turns out Bryllcream is holed up in the nearby Hot Dog Factory. So guess where we're going now. Grind, flip and bounce your way across the city to the factory.



Look for evidence of troop master Bryllcream at the factory


The objects you need (with a fiery blue aura) are scattered around the area with markers on them. A new scab enemy type will appear here as well. The scab tosser (wait is that literal or figurative? Does he literally toss scabs? Oh, he shoots exploding mines. Guess not). These guys can be particularly annoying as they fire off timed explosives that also act as proximity mines if you touch them. They can also fire them onto rails, so be careful grinding when these guys are around.


Remember your combos here to make life easier. Dirty harry + burn, baby amp works well against scabs (at least, it's the best you have at the moment unless you've bought new weaponry). There isn't a reason to kill all the enemies here, just thin them out enough for you to pick up the evidence items.



Find a way to get into the factory


Hmm, what causes maximum damage and mayhem at the same time? Ah, the wrecking ball next to the factory springs to mind. Head over to the yellow box at the base of the crane to find the keys are missing.


Go to the picnic in the park


Cross the city once more to reach the blanket and picnic basket in the park.


Get the crane keys from the OD


When the picnic is rudely interrupted, you will need to battle the Fizzco bots and OD forces in the area while you search for the keys. As you deal with the enemies in the area, more powerful OD will arrive (gunkers and eventually a herker). When they do, be sure to prioritize them as they are good at dealing damage while you are distracted. Remember, gunkers and herkers don't like the flaming compensator's fire damage, so use it. When the herker dies, you should find the missing keys.



Use the keys to start up the crane


Travel across the city once more, back to the Hot Dog Factory. When you get there, interact with the yellow control panel at the base to gain control of the crane. Break the alluring large pallets in the center of the area covered with blue tarpaulin. Yep, I thought it was a bad idea too.


Do not let the OD destroy the crane


As soon as the soft-drink spills across the parking lot, OD will swarm in repeatedly from every direction. Your only option is to crush the hell out of everything you see. This includes poppers and later herkers. Don't worry. Even herkers die in one hit from this thing. The main threat is repeatedly missing and being swarmed with poppers and other OD. Carefully line up your attacks to avoid wasting shots and concentrate on poppers and herkers first when they appear. After the OD threat is taken care of, you'll finally be able to smash the wall and open a way into the factory.


Enter the factory and look for troop master Bryllcream


Pick up the overcharge from all the enemies you killed, then head inside the factory. Look to your right at the top of the stairs to spot a journal to pick up. After reading it, the mission will conclude.



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