Story Mission 18 - Hepcat's Late-Night Special

STORY MISSION 18 - Hepcat's Late-Night Special


Rewards: Winter Is Coming, Chance Of Lightning, Twister Spin



Collect toilet paper


Time for another vat defense mission folks. For those that have been collecting toilet paper as they move, you should already have the bog rolls you need to move straight on. Everyone else will need to scour the local area (buy the collectible map from Jack if you want to make it easier) for the paper you need.



Meet Floyd at the new base


Head back to Hepcat's Diner (the new base) and give Floyd the toilet paper.


Setup traps and turn the valve


By now you should have more traps than trap slots, so make sure to select the traps you want. I personally prefer automated traps as you don't need to be present for them to be effective, but to each their own. Surrounding the vats with hack n' slash traps will work fine here, but there are more effective placements possible here for those who know where to put things. Keep the barricade locations in mind and see if you can make use of them with your traps.



This night defense is a two wave one. You will get a short lull in between waves and an additional boost in power to plant a few new traps. Make sure you have the ones you want to use ready to go when this happens. Aside from that, this battle is the same as usual. Turn the valve when you'r'e ready to go.


Protect the Overcharge


Remember the basic weaponry strategies here and let your traps do the work and you should be find. Clusters of OD are best dealt with by the TNTeddy, high fidelity and flaming compensator. Powerful OD are best taken out by dirty harry and the flaming compensator. Don't bother using the murderang here as it is specifically for Fizzco bots. Grind around, guard your vats and you should survive.



Get the amps from the amp chamber


Head over to the chamber to nab your rewards.



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