Story Mission 19 - Bryllcream

STORY MISSION 19 - Bryllcream


Rewards: $5000, 6000 Overcharge


Pick up Sam's package


Cough...Cough, ugh too much time spent around innuendos. I suppose at least it wasn't "grab Sam's package." Fast travel to the Diner base to find Sam's package sitting on Hepcat's platter.


Go to Wallrun, Hackdish and Associate's Tower


Wow, what a name for a tower. Grind and bounce your way across the city to the marked tower. When you arrive, you'll find it lousy with Fizzco security bots in a guard post at the base of the tower.



Destroy the Fizzco guard post


Time to try out that new weapon, the murderang. This weapon is specifically for use on Fizzco bots and does significant damage to them. It also bounces around to hit other enemies nearby and returns to you if you hit an enemy with it (replenishing your stock).


This makes it incredibly useful against clusters of bots and good against powerful Fizzco bots (we'll encounter them later). Start building this weapon up when you can against bot forces. It will pay off in the late game. Trust me. Fizzco have also started to use turrets now (like the scabs) so be aware of the new damage source. If you run out of murderangs, fall back on your dirty harry to finish the bots off.


Climb the tower


Once the bots are taken care of, you will have to reach the top of the tower. This acts as a tutorial for the wall-run mechanics of the game. Simply press X when near a flat surface (such as the face of a building) and you will wall-run along it. If you press X before reaching a corner, you will swing around it and continue wall-running. Simple for anyone who has played a Prince of Persia game. Follow the tutorial instructions if you're having trouble and you will make your way to the top.



Hack into the Fizzco satellite dish


Head to the marked control panel and infiltrate the dish controls.


Aim at the Troop Bushido Museum


Move the reticule so it lands on the marker to hear more of Norton's treachery.



Keep looking for Bryllcream


Move the reticule around the screen and watch the needle below. When it moves up, you're getting closer to Bryllcream's position. Keep moving it around until you locate the troop master (look down and right if you are having trouble finding him).


Go to the Fizzco jammer


After finding Bryllcream, a Fizzco jammer will be parked on a rooftop a decent way away. This will block the signal and prevent you from continuing the search until you get rid of it. Head for the new objective marker to find the jammer.


Destroy the jammer


When you get close, the objective will change and you'll have to reach the rooftop the jammer is on. Bounce and grind your way upwards and unleash murderang justice upon the rifle bots protecting it. A single smash should take care of the jammer once you're done.



Hack the second dish


From the jammer's location, you should be able to see the next marker on a tower nearby. It shouldn't take more than a minute to reach the next control panel.


Keep looking for Bryllcream


Take control of the dish and start looking. This time there are several points where the needle will jump, but most of them are just conversations made by other people. Look a fair way to the right, but not as far as the radio tower and neon sunset city sign to find the troop master. Once you lock onto his position, you'll need to head for the new marker to rescue him. At this point it is a good idea to make sure the chance of lightning amp is equipped as it can be of particular use in the second half of the mission.



Wipe out scabs defending the garbage truck


When you get close, you'll find out Bryllcream is in the back of a garbage truck surrounded by scabs. There are several levels in this parking garage, filled with scabs. So pull out your trusty dirty harry and go to work. The garbage truck is on the topmost floor, so head there when you are ready. Once the coast is clear, approach the garbage truck and talk to Bryllcream.


Douse the fire with Overcharge


Wait what? Yep, your character seriously has to douse the fire with Overcharge. As bad ideas go, this is pretty high up there. Find all the marked containers nearby and throw them at the flaming garbage truck. As you throw more on, OD will begin congregating on the truck. Ignore them if you can and focus on finding the last kegs of Overcharge.



Defend the truck


Once the final keg hits the truck, you'll have to deal with the horde of OD who have appeared. Use the high fidelity or flaming compensator and prioritize poppers before regular OD. Keep fighting the OD until the truck makes a break for it.


After that truck!


Once the truck starts moving, ignore the remaining OD and follow it. It will drop down to street level shortly. When it does, jump on top of it and use your high fidelity to deal with any OD trailing you. Your chance of lightning amp should be active by now, making this easier.


Clear street of OD


When the truck stops moving. Stay where you are and keep firing at the OD nearby. After they are all gone, you can finally open the truck to meet troop master Bryllcream face to face. Er... face to navel?



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