Story Mission 20 - The Fall Of Emperor Norton

STORY MISSION 20 - The Fall Of Emperor Norton


Rewards: $20000, 9000 Overcharge, Samurai Helmet



Pick up troop master Bryllcream


Walk over to the garbage truck and hoist up the troop master.


Carry troop master Bryllcream back to the Bushido base


Ignore any OD in your path and work your way over to the Bushido base. Drop down into the base to confront Norton.



Slay the Norton Dragon


Sigh, nothing is ever easy is it? Norton is now a horrific flying OD dragon and he has Bryllcream. Don't think of Norton as a regular enemy. Instead think of him as a large moving platform. You can actually grind down his back and attack his head by pressing B when you reach it. You will need to accomplish this three times though, just like any good boss fight.


Norton will also incinerate nearby structures (making them unusable for bouncing or grinding) with increasing frequency as he takes damage, so you will need to think quick to avoid the flames. Ignore any regular enemies that try to stop you and keep moving after the dragon to leap onto him.



Once you deal the first "dragon strike," the Norton dragon will flip up a series of spines on his back. These will stop you grinding along his back (similar to gunkers attacks). To bypass this, you will need to shoot them off beforehand. Pull out your high fidelity or flaming compensator and start clearing his back. Once you have, you can repeat the dragon strike.


Do the same process once more (despite the increased flames) and you will take down the Norton dragon in a flashy cut scene. I love the reward screen text here when the mission ends.



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