Story Mission 22 - The King's Feast

STORY MISSION 22 - The King's Feast


Rewards: $4000, 5000 Overcharge, Grind Cooker Trap



Speak to Chandler about your first epic mission


Speed forth, good sers and speak with yonder chandler in the Fargarthian base. Yeah, I'm not gonna keep that up. Fast travel (or just walk inside) the Fargarthian base and talk to the guy under the yellow mission marker.


Join the Fargarthian's in the courtyard


Head outside the base to find the cluster of Fargarthians waiting and join them as they ride across town (*clip, clops with coconuts).



Journey with the Fargarthian's towards the "Forest of Fargarthia"


Bounce and grind alongside the troupe and after a little while, OD will begin attacking. Help the Fargarthian's fend off the attacks to speed up the trek to the forest.


Take a detour with the Fargarthians


After a brief conversation, the group will be on the move once more. Keep following them and ready your dirty harry and flaming compensator. Shortly afterwards, two herkers will show up and attack the Fargarthian forces. Get up onto the telephone wires to decrease your possibility of taking damage, while firing at the monstrosities below. The Fargarthian's should distract the herkers enough so they don't constantly target you. Once the second herker falls, your travels will resume.



Help the Fargarthian's clear out the goblins and brigands


Just ahead of where the herkers attacked, you'll spot OD and scabs battling it out on the street. Use your high fidelity to quickly decimate the OD and then focus on the scabs with it or the dirty harry. Once the coast is clear, keep moving.


Journey with the Fargarthian's into the "Forest of Fargarthia"


Straight ahead of you at the end of the street is the "forest." It looks like a cross between a tire dump and a badly maintained park. Wait for the Fargarthian party to arrive.



Listen to Chandler explain 'ye olde bark hunt'


Listen to the Chandler explain the hunt as you spy out the lie of the land. You are about to defend this patch of dirt, so learning where things are and restocking on ammo from the scattered crates will make life much easier for you. A quick scene afterwards will give you control of four catapults.


These do heavy damage but have to reload between shots, making efficient use of them and eliminating stragglers your top priority. As the scene continues, you'll have to press Y to fire at the onrushing horde of OD, to when they enter the blast zone, blow them away.


Defend the Fargarthians at the first set of trees


Here you are going to be dealing with swarms of OD, make use of the catapults as much as you can and mop up any survivors with your high fidelity or flaming compensator. Focus on any spawners to bring the horde under control faster. Watch the mini-map to know when and where to fire. Once stronger enemies arrive (or make it past the catapult area, you'll need to keep an eye on the Fargarthians and kill any enemies near them to prevent them taking damage. Once the timer expires, you'll move onto the next objective.



Regroup with the Fargarthians


Follow the Fargarthians for a quick scene. Make sure to stock up on some ammo if you need it.


Defend the Fargarthians at the second set of trees


Repeat the same methods as the first defense objective, except use your dirty harry and flaming compensator against the new herkers. Hold your own and protect the Fargarthians to win the day.



Clear the forest of Fargarthia of goblins


Once the timer expires, you'll need to kill any remaining OD in the forest. Blast away until the yellow zone in the mini-map is clear.


Regroup with the Fargarthians


Listen to the Fargarthians as they rejoice over their (ahem, your) victory.


Regroup and count the spoils of victory!


Walk over to the group and the mission will end.



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