Story Mission 23 - Tastes Like Chicken

STORY MISSION 23 - Tastes Like Chicken


Rewards: $4000, 5000 Overcharge, Tesla Trap



Meet the Fargarthians at the Farmers Market


Cross the city as you head for the marker on the map to meet up with the Fargarthians. When you arrive, watch the scene to begin the avian mayhem.



Roast pigeons for the feast


Now, the pigeons will cluster around the burner traps (four of them) where the Fargarthians are throwing seeds. You can also shoot the pigeons out of the air with your flaming compensator. On the first "attempt" watch the pigeons landing points and mentally map out the four flame traps so you can get a good idea of where to move next after blasting a trap full of pigeons. To detonate a flame trap, simply bounce on the plunger. You'll usually rack up at least 50 kills each time you activate a full one.


The telephone wires overhead make a good vantage point and allow you to move quickly, so use these to travel between trap points. While you are moving, look for pigeon flocks forming in the sky above to keep your kill count rising. Make sure to look carefully at the ground near the traps, as it can sometimes be difficult to make out the feeding pigeons, even on a 40+ inch TV.



Once you have a good idea of the trap locations and know where to look for the pigeons, this event should be pretty easy to complete. Just focus on the points above and you'll make it through.


Clear the way for the Fargarthian convoy


Now that you have a cartload of roast pigeons (cause that's how roasting works, blegh), follow the Fargarthians down the street. The first set of enemies you'll meet on the way are several scabs. Stay back (so they shoot at the Fargarthians) and pick them off with the dirty harry weapon. Once the yellow area is clear, the convoy will begin moving again.


A little further on, you'll find a raised bridge with more scabs guarding it (including scab tossers), so stick to the same strategy. Use the Fargarthians as decoys while you pick off the enemies. Once the scabs are done for, the bridge will drop. This allows your epic convoy to continue on.


Clear out any small group of OD on the way with your high fidelity or flaming compensator.


Kill the Herker


After that, a herker will appear and attack anyone nearby. Use the flaming compensator + dirty harry (or TNTeddy if you are out of ammo) to burn through the herker's health.



Return to castle Fargarthia


Keep following the Fargarthians until you approach their base.


Clear out the scabs


When you arrive, you'll find the place under siege by scab forces. Use your dirty harry to bring them down fast (scour the scab infested rooftops for more ammo if you are running low). By this point your epic amp should be active and be helping you to clear out the enemies. Keep blowing the enemy forces away and eventually the area will be clear.


Return to castle Fargarthia


Enter the Fargarthian base to conclude the food run. Er... I mean mission.



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