Story Mission 24 - Bad Medicine

STORY MISSION 24 - Bad Medicine


Rewards: $10000, 7000 Overcharge



Go to the Fizzco Pharmaceutical Shipyard


Make your way to the docks area (fast travel or on foot) to find three Fizzco trucks marked in the area. When you try to open one, all hell breaks loose.


Clear the area of Fizzco security forces


Time for another new enemy. Fizzco bomb bots are highly damaging and quite tough opponents. They can fire a targeted laser for decent damage as well as firing a barrage of projectiles (landing points are marked in red). They take around four dirty harry shots to bring down each as well.


However, if you have been raising your murderang at every opportunity, these new enemies shouldn't be too hard to handle. Use the murderang for bot clusters, while finishing off lone enemies with your dirty harry. By now your murderang should be at least level two or three, so you should have at least a bit of ammo to deal with the bots. There are a few ammo crates in the area if you need them though.



Find the medicine


After all that malarkey, you'll finally be able to open the trucks (gotta love their attitude). Scrounge inside them until you find the medicine you need for the king.


Return to caste Fargarthia


And head back....or not. On the way you'll get a call from Wendy, the ex-blacksmith bard. She'll ask you to meet her beforehand.


Meet Wendy at the Leech Pond Park


Are you serious? Why would a park EVER be called that? I have a bad feeling about this. Head for the marked park and approach Wendy for a scene.


Strip to your skivvies


Run over to the marked toilets to get changed.


Cover your body with leeches


Wait, what? Urg, been there and done that before. You need to wade through the pools, looking for the agitated water (slightly raised) to attach leeches to yourself. The bar will fill slightly each time you attach a new one. Keep attaching leeches until you fill the bar (and nearly pass out from blood loss).



Follow Wendy


After being a leech blood donor, you'll need to chug the entire bottle of medicine. Wow, no wonder most of their LARP members are dead. Drink it down and follow Wendy up the street. As you walk, a floating Fizzie balloon will start talking to you. After it does, chase it (as that's what anyone would do). Shortly afterwards, the world will fill with lava.


Follow Fizzie... and don't touch the lava!


What follows is a Fizzie chase across plenty of rooftops with the occasional stop to kill some goons. Keep following Fizzie until he gives you a reward.



Kill all the Fizzies!


As soon as Fizzie multiplies, get to work on killing them. You don't have to find the real Fizzie here, you just have to kill them all. Your ammo will keep refilling, so don't be afraid to spray a bit as you take them down. The rockets are the only damage source here though, so make sure to shoot them when you can. After blasting enough Fizzies, you'll return to the real world once more and the mission will end.



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