Story Mission 25 - Ferry To Nowhere

STORY MISSION 25 - Ferry To Nowhere


Rewards: Hater, Air Power, It Burns



Collect cameras


Hope you've been picking up those collectibles as you go. This time you need 10 cameras for Floyd. If you've got 'em the next objective should pop. Otherwise, buy the camera map from Jack and get hunting. Collectibles can also be used to buy amps as well, so there is no reason not to gather them.


Return to Floyd at the Harbor Base with all the ingredients


Time to head to a new base on the waterfront. Cross the city and visit Floyd to give him his camera parts. Apparently he likes them.



Setup traps and turn the valve


Ah, another vat defense mission. It's been a while. There isn't really much new at the moment in the way of automated traps, so it's up to you what types you want to lay down. The vats are both located at the front of the boat (one on the lower deck, the other on the upper). Enemies will arrive from the front and both sides of the boat during the battle, so be ready to deal with them when they do. One method is to circle the vats with as many hack n' slash traps as you can.



Another is to place down manual traps nearby to burn or electrocute enemies by bouncing on the traps. I found it's best to stay on top of the enemies as this is probably the lone defense mission where traps aren't going to help much. The positions you can put them in are a bit awkward, so do your best and cut through the OD to victory.


Protect the Overcharge


Remember to watch the flanks and clear out any special OD in the mix first. If any OD actually reach the vats, a TNTeddy should clear things up. Use your high fidelity and flaming compensator to deal with the regular OD and the flaming compensator and dirty harry for the large ones like usual.



Grab the amps from the amp chamber


Nab your rewards from the chamber when you're done. Ah the fruity taste of victory.



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