Story Mission 26 - The Siege Of Wondertown Land

STORY MISSION 26 - The Siege Of Wondertown Land


Rewards: 7000 Overcharge, Pandora's Box Trap, AK-FU



Attend Ignatius' court


Fast travel back to the Fargarthian base to talk to the King. The King is without his crown it appears. Guess what you're recovering.


Go to the Promenade


Head towards the nearby waterfront marker. On the way you'll probably notice the massive blood trails stretching along the road.


Search for Lawrence the leper


Follow the blood trail along the road and between the buildings to find Lawrence crouching on a wooden deck overlooking the water. Talk to Lawrence when you find him. Limbs and all.



Mug the muggers


Another new enemy type will be introduced here. Muggers deal heavy damage with their leap attacks and move quite fast with their constant leaping. They make a large red circle with an x in it to show where they will leap. If this connects it will likely take over half your health in one hit.


Muggers can be really difficult to deal with when they are amongst other OD, as you can't lure them easily during a firefight. The best strategy to use is to try and lure them into attacking (wait until the red marker appears) and then walk out of it. When they land next to you, use the flaming compensator (4 shots should do it) to bring it down. You can also use your dirty harry if the mugger is further away.



They can also leap onto you when you are grinding, so be on the lookout for the landing mark while doing so. Once you've cleared away a few muggers, a mugger with a triceratops head on will appear.


Defeat the minotaur


Ha, no this "minotaur" isn't a new type of enemy. Just a mugger wearing the figurehead you need to retrieve. The minotaur will mostly just jump around, so you're probably best off using your dirty harry instead of the flaming compensator due to distance. Keep on the mugger's tail and blast away at it. Once it is dead, the figurehead will fly off.


Retrieve the figurehead


Simply walk over to the marker and pick up the head off the ground.



Take the figurehead to Ignatius


While wearing the figurehead, you'll gain some additional attacks (X charge, B gore), but be unable to use your weapons. Keep this fact in mind as you will use this figurehead in battle later. For now though, head towards Ignatius' marker on the map. Stock up on ammo on the way if you need to, especially dirty harry ammo.


Assault spaceship murica


And now LARPers are assaulting an amusement park. Don't see that every day. You'll be against scabs for the rest of the level, so it's the dirty harry and high fidelity from this point onwards. The Fargarthians will distract the scabs until you start dealing damage to them, so get into a good flanking position before you open fire (the wires surrounding the ride are a good spot). The chance of lightning and burn, baby amps can save you ammo here if you have them equipped. So make sure your equipment is ready as there are a lot of enemies in this level.


You can also shoot the balloons surrounding the ride and they will explode, damaging any nearby enemies. Once the ride is clear, the Fargarthian charge will continue.


Take the ferris wheel


A stream of scabs will arrive to reinforce the ferris wheel, but just stick to the same tactics as before and they won't last long.



Lay siege to the comet ride


Keep pushing forward (breaking any ammo crates you see on the way) to the comet ride for another mass of scabs to kill. Tosser scabs will be in the mix this time, so watch out for mines on the grind rails around the ride. There are a couple of health crates at the base of the ride if you need them.


Rally with Ignatius


Jump down to the base of the ride to meet up with the Fargarthians.



Escort ram to the outer walls


The scab forces will begin to fling flaming barrels as the ram trundles forwards. Use your high fidelity (lots of ammo, decent accuracy) to shoot the projectiles down. Remember that protecting the ram is more important than your health in general here as you can revive for free. Find a nearby high point and keep shooting down the flaming barrels until the ram reaches the first barricade.



Smash down the outer walls


To break down the barricade, you need to return to the ram and bounce/ slam on the plunger at the rear. Repeat this a few times and the barricade will be no more. You're probably going to need the personal space amp from this point onwards, so make sure you have it equipped.


Escort ram to the castle walls


And the trundling resumes. Except this time scabs will attack as well as launch projectiles. So you need to split your focus, taking down the enemies but also shooting down all the projectiles. This is the section you are likely to lose significant health on as you try to shoot down the barrels while scabs batter you from all sides. Prioritize the ram over yourself here as you can always come back. Swap between the dirty harry and high fidelity as needed while the ram moves up.


Smash down the castle walls


When you reach the second barricade, repeat your bounce/ smash tactic to remove the obstruction.


Escort ram to the keep


You're nearly at the keep. Keep pounding away at the scab forces and downing the flung barrels. This will be the big test of your ram protection abilities. You'll likely lose more ram health here than in any other section due to the increased enemies and shorter flight path for flaming barrels. Use the established tactics and maintain the ram's health as much as you can until you butt up against the final barricade.



Smash down the keep barricade


Bounce/ smash the barricade out of the way for a scene.


Destroy fireworks caches


Now you'll have access to the roller coaster area at the rear of the park. Race towards the coaster rails and start grinding along them. As you travel along the rails, look for barrels of fireworks with a white outline around them. If you look at the markers on the mini-map, they will point out all the locations for you. Blast them all to move on.


Kill the King Scab


Ah, now this is just like the train sequence with 4Kim earlier. You need to follow the roller coaster car and blow up the individual parts one by one until only the lead car is left with King Scab inside. The dirty harry is still your best friend for this kind of task.



The coaster is slightly faster than you though, so you may occasionally need to jump onto another section of the track to catch up or wait for it to come around again. King Scab will leave flames on the rail and OD will begin swarming the tracks to try and stop you. Jump over the flames and melee the OD while you work on destroying the cars.


Take the figurehead from Ignatius


When only the King Scab car remains, return to Ignatius and equip the figurehead.


Ram King Scab


Yup, you're gonna headbutt (X) a speeding roller coaster car. Wait at the entry area of the coaster (headbutting and goring the OD who get too close) until you see the King's car approaching along the rails. When you do, stand on the rails and just before he hits you, press X to headbutt the car. If you time it right, the Fargarthian forces will claim victory and the mission will finish.



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