Story Mission 27 - Floating Garbage

STORY MISSION 27 - Floating Garbage


Rewards: $30000, 10000 Overcharge, Mopbeard



Meet Ignatius in the Kingdom of Fargarthia


Cross the city to the first marker of the mission, where Ignatius is waiting. Make sure your ammo for all weapons (particularly the dirty harry and your newly acquired AK-FU) as you are going to need it for this mission. Time to finally find out what the plans from Bryllcream actually were. A...junk boat? Wow, epic.


Throw some trash into the hole


Once again, you will be defending an object's health instead of your own in this mission. Jump over to one of the nearby markers to find some trash to pick up. Make your way back to the ship and throw it down the trash hole.



Protect the flagship


This mission can be surprisingly difficult due to the ease at which the flagship loses health. Your new AK-FU will likely be your best friend here (supported by the dirty harry for strong enemies). The AK-FU is particularly useful in bringing down blowers (who do massive ranged damage to the ship) and regular OD quickly. Use your dirty harry and/ or flaming compensator for any stronger enemies along the way. Focus (as usual) on preserving the boat's health instead of your own when possible as if the ship sinks, you will be sent back to the last checkpoint.



Whenever the ship starts losing health, you can look on the walkways or docks nearby for glowing green trash bins to bring back to the ship. There are plenty scattered around. The main problem is the amount of damage enemies can do while you go and pick up the trash is about equal to the healing amount. So you also need to deal with the enemies "while" you go and collect the trash to reduce damage taken by the flagship.


Combine this with bridge switches and stronger enemies later in the voyage and you've got your hands full. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Or raise it. Whatever.


For the first section, focus fire on the blowers (the AK-FU has quite good range capabilities) and only run for trash if the ship drops below half health. Thinning out the blowers is the real trick to staying alive for this part. You can swap to the high fidelity if you run out of AK-FU ammo if need be. Keep maintaining the ship and killing the blowers until you round the first corner to see a bridge ahead.


Smash the controls to raise the drawbridge


Quickly pick off any blowers ahead and jump onto the left bank for some ammo and health. The switch should be just ahead of you (white waves will be surrounding it). Jump up to it and smash the control panel with a melee attack to raise the bridge.



Protect the flagship


Once the bridge is up, get back on the ship and keep culling any blowers who are following you.


Smash the controls to raise the drawbridge


The next bridge ahead has two switches (one on each bank), so you'll need a little longer to raise it. There are several trash bins near the switches, so you should be able to heal the ship up as you go. More blowers here will make life difficult for you, so keep an eye on the river banks and your ship's health. If it drops to a quarter or less, immediately stop what you are doing and find trash. Once both switches are tripped the drawbridge will raise.


Protect the flagship


Around this point in the voyage, muggers will begin appearing. So be ready with your flaming compensator to deal with them. Try to lure them away from landing on the ship before shooting them though as they will damage the ship by landing on it. Quickly restock your ammo and ship health during the brief lull that follows.


A few seconds later, a scene will reveal a new enemy type. The winger. These enemies fly (shock, horror) and breathe fire onto targets below. This fire can deal massive damage and due to their speed, they can be hard to hit. Your dirty harry is the best option at this point, although the AK-FU will work alright as well as these are "weaker" versions of this enemy than usual. They also fire homing pods that detonate upon impact with a target. These can easily be destroyed by any weapon.



After taking care of the wingers, more blowers will open fire as the ship navigates the island. Take care of them as quickly as you can while keeping the ship's health topped up. As you pass down the long straight next to the park, more blowers, a mugger and wingers will converge on the ship. This is probably the most dangerous section in the mission and you'll have to be at the top of your game to make it through safely. Keep the basics in mind (ship health first, killing enemies second and your health third) and you should make it through with enough patience.


Smash the controls to raise the drawbridge


After that stretch of death, another bridge will be waiting for you. There shouldn't be too many enemies around during this part, so now is a good time to heal up and recover while you smash the switches.


Protect the flagship


And now onto the final stretch. You will want to be aggressive with this one, moving forward past the ship to engage the herker and blowers before the ship enters their range. Make sure the herker goes down first so it doesn't do massive damage to the ship. Follow it up with the blowers on the opposite bank. As long as you keep on top of the blowers in this section with the AK-FU, you shouldn't really have any problems.


A little further on, another pair of wingers will appear and a herker on a small island to the left. Pick off the wingers with a couple of dirty harry shots and then focus on the herker (it shouldn't attack until you do, or the ship passes a certain point). There is a heap of trash on the small island if you need to patch up the ship. A second herker will jump down off the bridge above, but by this point you should be passing through the sensors and sculling into the shallows of victory.



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