Story Mission 28 - A Hero's Duty

STORY MISSION 28 - A Hero's Duty


Rewards: $30000, 10000 Overcharge



Go to the museum... quick!


Looks like freedom isn't on the agenda folks. Back into the meat grinder we go. Cross the war-zone of a city to reach the Bushido's base.


Talk to 4Kim


When you arrive at the base, you'll spot 4Kim crouched near the entrance. Head over for a chat during the frantic firefight taking place.


Defend the museum from the Fizzco rifle bots


By now, your murderang should be well up to the task of tearing through the bots. Combine that with the AK-FU or dirty harry if you run low on ammo and you shouldn't have any problems with the first wave. There are also several electrical barrels scattered around the area you can use as well to put a crimp in Fizzco's forces.



Defeat the wave of Fizzco blade bots


More robots will arrive after you dismantle the first set. Keep up the onslaught with the appropriate weapons and you should tear through them with ease.


Destroy the Fizzco bomb bots


Ah, now this is where it can get a bit more difficult. You need to keep on the move even more than usual against these guys while laying into them with murderangs or dirty harry shots (the AK-FU doesn't damage these guys very well). If you're having problems, make sure to equip the electrical element amp on your guns to occasionally short circuit the bomb bots. Movement is key here, so make sure to do so and after a while the final bot will fall.


Go to the Oxford's base


On the other side of the city, Sam and the rest will be under attack as well. Sprint across town to the Oxford's base. On the way, you may want to replenish the ammo you just used as there are more bots waiting.


Kill the rifle bots attacking the front door


To start with, you'll need to deal with the bots around the front door. Pull out your murderang or AK-FU to tear through the rifle bots. Leave the dirty harry for later.


Destroy the Fizzco blade bots


Wow, didn't see that coming. The Oxfords are actually doing something! Sam has placed several tesla traps around the area which you should definitely use for the rest of this base defense when possible. The blade bots should go down fast against the traps, murderang and AK-FU, so keep up the pressure and whittle them down.



Destroy the Fizzco rifle bots


As soon as the first wave is destroyed another will take it's place. Keep up the withering fire and chains of lightning.


Destroy the Fizzco bomb bots on the rooftops


Now is the time for you to use the dirty harry. Each bomb bot should take around four to five shots to bring down (they'll be out of the trap's range, so you'll need to use weapons to pick them off). Keep bouncing to throw off their aim.


Destroy the big killer robot


Knew it was too easy. The Fizzco tank bot is a vicious beast. He combines the rushing power of a herker with the projectiles of bomb and rifle bots. This makes him a really nasty customer to deal with. The good news? He spawns near the tesla traps, so you can deal some damage to him with them while you are shooting him in the face. Stick to the dirty harry or murderang to deal damage while bouncing on the tesla traps when you can. With enough persistence, you can bring this over-sized tin can down.



Speak to Sam


Now that you've saved the day for the Oxfords, head over and talk to Sam to end the mission.



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