Story Mission 30 - Awesomesmithing

STORY MISSION 30 - Awesomesmithing


Rewards: $15000, 8000 Overcharge, Excalamune



Get Las Catrinas to like you


When the mission starts, walk over to the nearby marker and ponder what you can do for Las Catrinas.


Go to Fizzco's Corporate Campus


Now that we know what we're looking for, fast travel to the Downtown area. From the marker, you'll find yourself at the base of a large high-rise building. Time to get climbing.



Clear the area of Fizzco security


Before that though, you' need to deal with the swarm of Fizzco rifle and blade bots around the building. Try and deal with a few at a time to prevent taking too much damage. Don't forget to use your murderang, AK-FU or dirty harry to bring them down fast.


You;ll need to clear all the security bots from the yellow circle for the next objective to appear. Start working your way up to the rooftop with the small shrine on it as you do to save time. To reach the final rooftop, you can either wall-run, jump and wall-run (repeat). Or just bounce up to the nearby high-rise and grind along the wire that connects them.


Search for the Fizzco exec's sword


When you land on the roof, look for the marked cellphone on a ledge nearby to find out what happened to the sword.



Talk to Wendy


Listen to Wendy explain what you'll need and collect a suitable material from the marked objects on the roof.


Find a good source of metal


You need the statues, but you can listen to the dialogue about the other objects if you want.


Go to the nuclear power plant


Fast travel to the power plant (bottom left of the map) to get to the next marker.


Clear all OD from the area


When you arrive at the power plant, there will be a spawner plus several muggers to deal with (not to mention the regular OD as well). Focus on bringing down the spawner first as it will keep generating OD if left alone. The flaming compensator and dirty harry combo works well to finish it off fast.



Keep moving and dodging the mugger's target marks during this as they will likely join the fun. Once the spawner is gone, concentrate on the muggers. The flaming compensator should take them down in three or four shots by this point. Find a flat piece of ground and lure them into landing nearby, then blast them in the face. Once the muggers are done, the regular OD should only take seconds to mop up.


Place the trophies on the steam vent


At the base of the cooling tower is a marker for where to place the trophies, head down there and do so.


Smash the temperature controls


After placing the statues, some more OD will arrive. A herker, blowers and gunkers (what fun!). Make life easy for yourself and deal with the enemies first before heading for the objective. Blowers will fall quickly to the AK-FU or flaming compensator, gunkers die quickly from the flaming compensator and herkers take chip damage from the flaming compensator, followed by direct damage from the dirty harry. Once the area is clear once more, patrol the area and smash the marked controls.



Clear the OD from the area


If you didn't already do this in the previous objective, you'll need to do it now.


Get to the top of the cooling tower


You need to grind up the rising rail that circles one of the towers to reach the top (combined with vent bouncing). When you land at the top, you'll find plenty of ammo crates and more fun waiting.


Kill the wingers


Yup, do what the objective says. Dirty harry rounds work well for preference.


Forge the blade with mighty hammer blows from above


Walk over to the marked cooling tower and drop inside. As you plummet, line up with the marker below and tap B to smash into the heated metal below.



Get to the water treatment plant


The sword is imbued with the fire element (making it very effective against OD) and can lob fireballs when swung. Not a bad piece of kit by any means. To finish off the blade though, you need to trek to the nearby water treatment plant.



Clear all scabs from the area


Another area task awaits, but thankfully you have the sword of awesome. Run around, flaming the scabs to death (shooting any that use guns with your AK-FU) and clear the yellow circle.


Douse the red-hot sword in water


Bounce over to the marked location and plunge the sword into the liquid below.


Return to the hospital to present your gift


Fast-travel back to the hospital (you can deal with the herker if you want, but it isn't necessary).


Demonstrate Excalamune's awesome power


Ok, this thing shoots fireballs, lightning and absorbs health? It is so very, very wrong. Walk into the circle to taunt Fizzco.



Absorb 99 robosouls


This bit of the mission is just pure fun. Slash away at anything that moves (making sure to prioritize the rifle bots when you can, to prevent taking ranged damage). The health absorb should keep your health topped up and the shock damage will make the bots crumple in a swing or two. The spawn rate will increase the more you kill, but there isn't really much threat here. Even the final tank bot will fall in a few swipes. Afterwards a scene will trigger and the mission will conclude.



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