Story Mission 31 - Getting The Band Back Together

STORY MISSION 31 - Getting The Band Back Together


Rewards: $30000, 10000 Overcharge, Pulse Mine



Talk to Esperanza


Walk over to Esperanza to watch the scene.


Find Wendy near the Marina


Cross the nearby river to find Wendy working on the boats. Give her a holler when you get there.


Start pulling Wendy's barge into the Marina


To pull the barge in, you'll need to use the harpoons mounted on both sides of the docks (in the marked order). Attach both harpoons and watch the boat come in... at the pace of a snail.



Use harpoons to pull Wendy's barge to the back of the marina


Ready for a challenge? You need to protect the harpoons in use from the horde of OD and keep attaching new harpoons (and then protecting those) as the ship moves forward. Thankfully the newly attached harpoons will replace one of the old ones, so you'll always have the same number to protect. Keep moving between the harpoons and attaching new ones when the game prompts you to. The best weapon for the enemy swarm is either the AK-FU, high fidelity or flaming compensator. Be ready for the winger that appears in the sky around the halfway mark.


Clear the dock and help Wendy out of the barge


When the ship docks successfully, one final rush of OD will spawn. Use whatever weapons you have ammo left for to clear the yellow box and Wendy will step onto dry land once more.



Meet 4Kim at the Concert Hall


A short distance away is the concert hall. When you get there, bounce up to the roof to find 4Kim.


Get the drum kit out of the truck for 4Kim


Yep, it's another one of those trucks that spawn... poppers?. Descend to the truck in front of the hall and open the door to summon the horde. Poppers die easily but do heavy damage if their explosion hits you. Unlike a normal battle however, you'll be fighting with the power of music.


Learn the mystical power of taiko drums


The explosion will spread the drums around the nearby scenery. To kill the poppers, you'll need to bounce on each drum without touching the ground. Once you've reached the quota, perform a slam (A then B in midair) to release the taiko energy. This sequence isn't hard as there is no timer. Take your time, bounce and look for the drum locations (take note of the one that is slightly raised on a fountain).



Check out the conveniently-placed ROCKFEST 2027 poster


On a nearby wall is the poster. Go have a look.


Investigate Club Fortississimo for a lead singer


Head for the marker to find the club relatively close and knock on the door for a scene and the end of the mission.



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