Story Mission 32 - Concertpocalypse

STORY MISSION 32 - Concertpocalypse


Rewards: Grind The Lightning, Un-Defibrillator, Fear The Reaper



Talk to Floyd before the concert


Fast-travel back to the downtown base and have a chat with Floyd.


Set up traps and talk to King Buzzo


Yes folks, the penultimate mission of the game is a vat defense. This one isn't actually a vat defense though, it's a fuse defense (for the electronics of the stage). This is probably (and suitably) the hardest tower defense, as you will need to defend three points. The good news? If a point falls, it doesn't lead to a mission fail. The OD have to destroy all three fuses to beat you. Place down the traps you have where you can (I'd probably focus on protecting two fuses with traps, and the other with the character as you don't have enough power to cover all three).



Defend fuse boxes until the kids are happy


You'll get muggers, herkers as well as other types of OD plus heaps of the regular ones during this fight. Remember the weapon to situation guidelines and you should succeed. TNTeddy, high fidelity and AK-FU for clusters of regular OD. Gunkers, herkers and blowers get blasted with the AK-FU, dirty harry or flaming compensator. But due to the hectic nature of this battle, you may just have to use what you can quick select.



Concentrate your defense on the two trapped fuses once the first one falls, these are the two you are really going to fight for. You will need to hold out for two sessions of two minutes. It may sound easy, but trust me. With only basic traps, this can be a nightmare (bonus traps can make this far easier and can be found in the sidequest section if you are having problems). Steal (or at least insure) the show and rock the night away in the final scene to conclude the concert and the mission.



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